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Default The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle

What is the difference between tarot cards and oracle cards?
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Default Re: The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle

Thanks for asking this, Bart. I was going to do the same! Looking forward to the input on your question.
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Default Re: The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle

From what I know Tarot decks have 78 cards. They have 22 cards that have no suits, the Major Arcana. Then they have the Minor Arcana cards which are divided into 4 suits of 14 cards each.

Oracle cards don't follow this format. I guess you would call them 'non-standard' decks. They might have more cards or less.
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Sirens Song
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Default Re: The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle

I think it depends on the reader. If someone goes just by the meaning of cards, then tarot is way more specific and ordered (with having 22 cards if it is a minor arcana or a trump card deck) and 78 cards for a full deck. And each card and suite (like major arcana then cups, swords, wands, pentacles etc) are specific too for what each card and each theme for each suite means. If a person just goes by vibes and messages from the cards, then I find there to be less of a difference between an oracle and a tarot deck.
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Default Re: The Difference Between Tarot And Oracle

I think this is a matter of semantics. By definition, an oracle is prophecy, so if you do predictive readings, a Tarot deck is an oracle.

But people collectively decided for some unknown reason that the Tarot was somehow separate. So until fairly recently, a "Tarot" was a 78 card deck (except when it wasn't - the Minchiate, for instance, has 97) and an "oracle" was any other kind of fortunetelling deck, except playing cards. I never saw a playing card deck referred to as an oracle deck, even though lots of people read them.

Lenormand, Parlour Sibyl, Sibilla Italiana, Kipperkarten, etc., etc. were "oracle decks".

Then affirmation cards got popular, and people decided that THOSE - not Tarot, not Lenormand, etc. - were oracle decks, even though most of them aren't good for predicting the future at all. Example:

Questioner: "Will he be faithful on his business trip?"
'Oracle' deck: "Your angels say music!"

The way that people use words, and what those words actually mean, are two different things where "oracle" decks are concerned.
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