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Runelore This 8-10 week course will combine runelore with exercises and stories from the runic pathway. Its emphasis lies on reconnecting the runes with the everyday life they were once a part of, using the runes for divinatory purposes and creating small-scale energywork with their presences. Open to all levels of learning."

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Default Runework for Week Two: Part Eight


Other names: Wyn, Vend, Wunju
Letter representation: w

Kennings: joy, happiness, emotional wellbeing, success, blessing, achievement, victory, wishes, family, tribe, reward, good news, celebration
Associated colour: gold/yellow

Wunjo, the last of this Aett, is pure unadulterated joy. It is the blissful feeling of being fully connected with the ones we love, of being in a good position and of being ready to celebrate the gift of life. In many ways, wunjo is the logical continuation of gebo. Gebo governs all forms of contract with another person, whereas wunjo specifically focuses on fellowship and bindings of kin. Wunjo allows all different aspects of self to come forth and unify. We can most easily recognise ourselves in the people we choose to surround ourselves with, so it's no wonder that wunjo is interwoven in the workings of family and a tribe of like-minded individuals.

The virtue of cheerfulness is seen as a great part of courage. Wunjo-energy gives us the strength of will to carry ourselves through any hardships and battles. For the runic student and master, wunjo represents enthusiasm for this life's work in spite of all disappointments and strife the study sometimes causes. Wunjo is the first rune of will itself: the one where teachings of magic take active form and become more than mere instinct. To reach the state of wunjo-energy, you must be capable of handling your pains and troubles without them causing a major setback for you in your development. Wunjo says that we are good the way we are: we are perfect when we are in the moment. We are even better when we set our minds to growing. Wunjo is to us like the water and sunlight is to a plant or flower. We need its joyful energy to allow ourselves to become who we are meant to be.

In terms of healing, wunjo is used to promote emotional wellbeing. Wunjo-energy is the pick-me-up after a long hard day where nothing seemed to go right. It is the comfort and companionship of the animals in our lives. It gives us the strength to face adversity, even from ones as close to us as family, and allows us to shine forth with all our power intact. Wunjo heals rifts between people, which makes it another perfect companion to gebo. It also raises awareness of similarities: particularly helpful during times when we need a mediator between one opinion and another. Wunjo is a strengthener of the immune system, because it binds mind and heart together and helps them heal the body.

Wunjo can sometimes be too much. Its energy can turn into overconfidence and a nave sense of trust for someone who has not yet proven their worth. Wunjo-energy can turn a blind eye toward any type of trouble. We may feel safer than we actually are in a situation, or give ourselves to a cause undeserving of our time. It can cause our wariness of something to fade away in the face of wunjo's overbearing joy. Similarly, wunjo is a great tool to wield in terms of leadership. Any leader should remember, however, is that a power a leader has over the people who follow him can be used for both harm and good. With power comes responsibility, and wunjo makes it very easy to get sidetracked from this part of leadership.
She had studied the universe all her life, but had overlooked its clearest message:
for small creatures such as we the vastness is bearable only through love.
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