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Default Weirdly Realistic

Have you ever had those dreams that are weirdly realistic, like you're half awake but still asleep so you dream about something weird like sleeping in your bed and you wake up in your bed and its all very Inception-y?

Well I had one of those this morning, except it was different. I was in my room sitting on the floor talking to my mom, well listening to my mom talk. My cat Fluffy (deceased for almost a year and a half now) came walking into my room. At first i started petting her and picked her up like nothing was wrong. Then I just started thinking in the back of my mind that this was weird, because Mom is at work and Fluffy is dead, so I just started to look at Fluffy and I was trying to tell my mom that she was dead. But my Mom just kept talking like it was no big deal, i think she may have even waved at me dismissively like it was completely normal for my dead cat to be in my arms right now.

But as soon as I started to realize that it wasn't real I was startled awake. like literally startled, by what I'm not sure, but i woke up doing that little jumpy spaz thing that you do when you get woken up suddenly. Immediately sat up and looked around trying to figure out what was going on. it felt so real that once i was awake I just had to take a deep breath and say what the hell was that. it took a minute to sink in that it wasn't real, i ended up getting up for the day after that. it didn't feel right to go back to sleep.

Not really sure what it was but it just felt weird. Surreal even, it's hard to describe accurately. The weirdest part might have been that i was aware that what was going on wasnt real, and that i was able to realize that mom shouldn't be home because she had left for work already and that my cat wasn't alive, but upon waking up it had to verbalize to myself that it had been a dream because it had felt like i was awake.
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