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Herbalism Traditional and/or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts

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Default How to dry certain flowers?

Ok so I've had a bit of a dilemma the past year with regards to drying specific types of flowers- my Brugmansia and Datura Flowers. Is it possible to dry them intact or is it best to open the flower and cut pieces of it off and lay them out to dry (which is what I've been doing)?

They're really moist flowers and I haven't successfully managed to dry one intact yet. I don't want to lose them to mold, which can occur really fast w/these pendulous flowers. Some of them have even more than two corollas. Usually it's two, but some of them have three (the Daturas not the Brugs).
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Default Re: How to dry certain flowers?

I've never dried those two species, but I dry a ton of flowers every year - I just lay them on screens in a darker space(out of direct sunlight and make sure I turn then every day or so. I actually use my Temple, space which is consecrated to my Work, but I consider my herbalism part of that so I don't think She minds too much.
Why are these two so hard to dry? Have you tried using the paper bag method?
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