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Default Re: Great Men

Albert Einstein.
Anton Tshekhov
Shady El Shafie [ someday ]
Taha Hussein
Nagiub Mahfouz
ما أعظم أن تكون غائبآ حاضر على أن تكون حاضرآ غائب
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Default Re: Great Men

Originally Posted by Ravenbear View Post
Well a great man to me is... and he makes me glad I am not a Democrat.
Nothing wrong with us Dem's...provided we aren't acting like jackasses, as our mascot sometimes depicts us as...

In all seriousness, much respect to Reagan.
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Default Re: Great Men

- My Dad

- Mr. Wilson, my old English teacher

- My Sensei

- Edgar Allan Poe

- Lewis Carroll

- H. L. Mencken
2/7/1943 - 5/19/2009
Papi - I you. Always.
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Kaye Sweetbriar
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Default Re: Great Men

I've...had a soft spot in my heart and mind for Philip II of Macedon for the past year or so. He was highly intelligent, a motivated man and a true...Macedon. (If you know anything about the ancient Macedonians and their requirements for leadership, you'll know what I mean.) He's also the father of Alexander the Great, who, from my perspective, is also a great man, due to his...willingness to embrace other cultures in a world that wasn't used to doing so.
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Default Re: Great Men

Lt Col. James Ellis of an tÓglaigh na hÉireann. A man that died before I was born, my grandfather. A man responsible for organising rebellion in Ireland prior to the freestate and a man that surrendered his arms in the civil war to our first Taoiseach (primeminister). Hed be guilty of so many crimes in todays climate hed probably be up there with BinLaden. [edit: After the war was over, rather then keep a military post he went back to being an electrician and is remembered for being the man who hung the xmass lights on Dublin Cities mainstreet]

Mr. James Stewart a Principal Medical Operator in Royal Army Medical Corps (british army) a friend and border of my grandfathers that lost most of his right hand in WW2. He was the only grandfather figure in the family that I actually knew. He was a man that helped raise my mother, my aunts, my uncles and then me my sister and my cousins before he died aged 82. He was my Godfather, a protestant from an English family of royal descent, whos brother, a british ambassador married my aunt. Its fair to say that after my grandfather died he was a man most trusted by the family to take on my grandfathers responsibilities.

They are great men in my book because despite having some legendary fights in their day, and despite coming from opposite sides of a famously bloodthirsty conflict, they were men enough to accept their differences as virtues and genuinely live as brothers. The way they lived was an example to our family, the community around them and was one example of men who really worked for peace. Not in the absract hippy peace but the hard working reality of the word.

They learned lessons and achieved hard things as normal men that seems to elude the greats of humanity historically. They are great men in my book because despite being standard joe soaps they reached a true peace being old 'enemies'. That is a very difficult thing to genuinely do in your heart, tolarance is an insult in comparason.
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Default Re: Great Men


Robert L. Humphrey for recounting this story
"The white, twisted clouds and the endless shades of blue in the ocean, make the hum of the spacecraft systems, the radio chatter, even your own breathing disappear. There is no wind or cold or snow to tell you that you are connected to Earth. You have an almost dispassionate - remote, Olympian - and yet so moving that you can hardly believe how emotionally attached you are to those rough patterns shifting steadily below."
Thomas Stafford, American astronaut
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Default Re: Great Men

Off the top of my head:

Roger Bacon
Dr John Dee
Stephen Hoeller
Manly P Hall

Hermes Trismagestus
Everything is love, everything is holy.
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Default Re: Great Men

Albert Einstein.
Bucky Fuller.
Leonardo da Vinci.
Archimedes of Syracuse.
Rene Descartes, for Cartesian mathematics.
Franz Bardon.
Richard Dawkins. (I consider him a nemesis, but there's a certain amount of admiration there. He has strength of will, if nothing else)
Bill Gates.
Abraham Lincoln.
Augustus Ceasar.
Giacomo Casanova. I would have been a lot more like him, if I'd had the courage.
Otto von Bismarck.
JRR Tolkien.
Ken Thompson.
Dennis Ritchie.
Doug McIlroy.
Brian Kernighan.
Gerard Beekmans.
Eric Raymond.
Theo de Raadt.
Bruce Willis.
Tom Baker.
Christopher Lloyd.
Lefayette Ronald Hubbard.
Aleister Crowley.

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Default Re: Great Men

Julian (the Roman Emperor)
George Fox
H. G. Wells
Mark Twain
Mohandas Gandhi
Donald Pleasence
John Carpenter
Stephen King
Wes Craven
Vincent Price
Christopher Lee
Peter Cushing
Lance Henriksen
Terry O'Quinn
Sam Neill
Hail Seth!
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Default Re: Great Men

Terry Fox
Tommy Douglas
Farley Mowatt
Samuel Benfield Steele
Stompin' Tom Connors
Stan Rogers
J.S. Woodsworth
Guy Simmonds
Nikola Tesla
Winston Churchill
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