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Methodology This forum is for sharing and discussion of all magical methods and techniques, from basic to advanced. Discussion is not confined to any one path or philosophy but welcomes all takes on the topic.

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Default Foundational Practises: Grounding and Centering

Following the first step of all magical work(relaxation, breathwork) most systems emphasize the importance of grounding (or centering I prefer grounding but either one works). Looking around the net for typical examples I found some interesting ideas, but this one demonstrates the core technique as i have learned it over the years. Please feel free to add your own, comment etc. This is one basic technique everyone should know well and be able to perform easily and in a short period too, if the need should arise. that only comes with daily practise.

" This isn't grounding in the sense of punishing your child; instead it's the sort of grounding you do to keep from flying off the handle at your kid. You are probably familiar with this concept already as it's one of the most widely used and published techniques. This process is most often sited as being the tool used to balance energies out. Some people suffer a lack of energy, while other people feel overwhelmed by the amount of energy they have. This technique helps to establish the perfect balance of energy, and it also has a very cleansing effect on your general vibration.

To begin, either stand with your feet filmy planted on natural earth, or just sit on your rump. While it can technically be done anywhere, I strongly recommend doing it outside on a natural surface like a patch of grass. It is a casual enough process that no one will be able to tell what you are doing, so your yard or a public park will do just fine. Calm your mind and adjust your breathing to a slower and deeper rate. Visualize roots made of pure light extending from your feet or the base of your spine and extend these roots deep into the earth. When you go deep enough, you should sense a large reservoir of raw energy. With the roots dipped into this source, soak energy up by visualizing it being pulled through your tendrils and allow it flow back into your body. Take in a good drink of energy as you inhale, letting the light spread into every corner of your body. Do this every other inhalation until you feel your body is highly charged. Enjoy the buzz for a moment before sending the energy back down your roots and into the ground as you exhale. The idea behind this is that you are washing your body in pure energy that mixes with your old energy. Cycling the energy in and out of your body is to purify and dispel some of the old energy while refreshing invigorating your system with movement.

Continue the flow of incoming and outgoing energy. Saturating your body with fresh energy helps to dispel any negative vibrations in your system. When you feel this process is complete, slowly pull the roots back into yourself, dispersing their form as they reenter you. Remain still for a few moments longer and then continue on with your life refreshed and balanced."

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Default Re: Foundational Practises: Grounding and Centering

Another similar method with a few explanatory comments by the practitioner Erika Ginnis:


A few interesting thoughts from Brian Gallagher, who seems to think grounidng is only good for getting rid of excess energy. I completely disagree, but I do think there are many other techniques that need to be incorprated inot one's toolkit. Grounding for me, is a preparatory and balancing activity, not an end in itself. It definitely does not sap my energy, but nor does it build it - it restores balance.
Read on and see what you think:

"if you don't know how to think, you'll always be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

Shane Parrish
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Default Re: Foundational Practises: Grounding and Centering

ive always thought that people that are beginning should build their foundation on the inate abilities that are discovered through meditation. meditation itself isnt imo a foundation to build a magickal practice its what should be practiced to help discover the actual practices (through their abilities) from which to build their personal foundation upon.
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Default Re: Foundational Practises: Grounding and Centering

good stuff fera..

I really liek the feel of grass on my bare feet
that feeling of connecting to the earth is immense....I've never done it with "roots" just bare feet on the ground and my body becoming one with the earth...entwined...

although I have done this equally as well indoors in an apartment in urban new jersey..many times....
if you allow yourself to connect through the building..through the floor and deep into the earth
I found it is far more effective bare foot.... I also found it is more effective nude...

I still have visions of past works with certain underworld vegetation that would be similar...

stewart has a similar technique...that draws enegy upwards from below


I think you can in fact adapt these times of becoming one with techniques for other forms and orders of life......

here's a crude image I doodled years ago from a similar experience...except I was below the ground..not just my feet or legs

"But what, according to you, is a true philosopher?" he asked.

"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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