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Windsmith bat Gaia
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Question Self Initiation (or Something Like It)

Has anyone here created any kind of self-dedication plan? Maybe to your beloved Mysterious Ones, or a particular practice, or just... yourself?

I've recently come to a very big decision about my path in deathwork, which I experience as both a vocational and spiritual calling. I'm not currently working for pay in that field, but I'd like to change that. I'd also just like to be a deeper participant in the craft and community of it.

My wonderful spouse starts grad school in the fall (and is already taking prereqs for their program). I've committed to being "the stable one" during the 2+ years of their program: no major job changes unless I'm offered THE job opportunity of a lifetime; no writing opportunities that will require me to be out of town every weekend; stuff like that.

This seems like a perfect opportunity to devote myself to deathwork. To learn the craft and community, and my place in it, inside and out. To figure out how to make a living from it without killing my love for it (a very real danger whenever one turns one's passion into one's paying gig). I've started looking at this as a dedication of sorts. To deathwork. To having a "for-real grown-up career" instead of a series of kind-of-okay jobs. To... myself.

I'm at a loss as to how to approach it. I can make a plan--almost a business plan, really. But inevitably when I do something like that, I get almost to the end--or past it--and then smack my forehead and say, "Oh, shoot, you know what would've been awesome?" I'm sure it's somewhat inevitable, but I'm hoping that by asking other folks who've undertaken a similar process, I can get some ideas and perspectives that I might not have thought of otherwise. I want to do right by my path, my communities, and myself.

Thanks, all!

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Default Re: Self Initiation (or Something Like It)

I've done self commitments to things which I suppose could be seen as self initiations. But I honestly have no idea what your referring to as "Deathwork" so can't comment beyond this.
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Default Re: Self Initiation (or Something Like It)

Maybe instead of an initiation, frame it as devoting yourself to the study of this craft/work. Make a plan, but be flexible--talk about the "death" of your excuses and perfection, you are instead devoting/committing yourself to being open to all knowledge and experiences you encounter?

Thoughtco has a self initiation outline, it's the first one that comes up when you google it, but this one has a great breakdown of how to go about making your own ritual. https://www.thetetraktys.com/2018/se...cation-ritual/

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