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The Magic of Scent Using oils and incense, fragrance in general in magical workings and healing

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Question How much water should I use?

So today in the mail, my teacher, Calista Dharmapreet of Ethereal Light School of Holistic Learning sent me a gift that I'm unsure about using correctly... It's an oil burner. It's made out of the same material as a coffee mug with a bowl shaped portion on top, approximately 2-3 inches across and 3/4s of an inch deep. The inside is hollow where a tea light candle goes. So I understand the candle, and that you only need a drop or two of essential oil because it's highly concentrated, and of course that it needs to be sitting on a clay coaster or something to prevent a fire, but how much water to oil do I use? If it all evaporates, I imagine it would crack the material. Should I fill the bowl portion up almost as full as it fills to, or should I just put a small amount in the bottom no where near reaching the edges of the top of the bowl shaped area? Sorry, that was kind of a run-on sentence... I've never used one of these before.
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