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Default Natron Uses and Recipe

Natron is one of the key components used in Ancient Egypt for the process of mummification but it had many more uses than just for preserving the dead.

Uses for natron in Ancient Egypt:


Originally Posted by TourEgypt
Based upon the records left to posterity, natron was a fairly ubiquitous product for the living. Natron was ancient Egypt's supreme cleansing product. It was used for household cleansing as well as to cleanse the body. Formulae featuring natron were used to rid the home of vermin. It was also used to cleanse the body, teeth and prevent unattractive body odors.

In the holistic world-view so typical of ancient Egypt, natron cleansed many levels simultaneously. Alongside its ability to bestow physical cleanliness, natron also seems to have provided spiritual purification. It is as common an ingredient in the magical papyri as it is in formulae devoted to cosmetics and cleanliness.

This, in fact, corresponds to the way salt is used today: as a preservative, as a magical product, to provide beauty and cleanliness. However, today, the user of salt tends to have only one of those goals in mind at a time; it seems that the Egyptians had a conception of receiving multiple benefits simultaneously.

If you've ever found yourself in need of natron here is a recipe:

Natron - 1 part Sodium Chloride (salt) and 2 part Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

short mix version: Mix dry constituents in a bag thoroughly

long mix version: Place dry constituents in a large pot and mix. Pour enough water to cover and dissolve dry ingredients completely. Bring solution up to a boil then turn down heat to a simmer. Stir often and cook until solution is the consistancy of oatmeal. Remove mix from heat and let cool for a minute while you grab a cookie sheet. Spread mix onto sheet and smooth out. Set aside and let dry...this could take a few days. You can speed up the evaporation process by placing the cookie sheet in the oven on low checking often. It will be ready when surface is hard. You can break the sheet up into sections for use.

I've used this as a salt substitute in rituals for blessings, cleansing, and warding, and offerings.

Here is an example of a ritual utilizing natron in ritual.


Originally Posted by Kemetonline
Ritual Washing

The Ritual Washing is intended to purify yourself prior to presenting yourself Neter. You are not only purifying yourself physically, but you are also purifying your heart and mind.
In the Ancient Egyptian tradition, purity is essential prior to ritual. You must be ritually purified before entering the temple or shrine. Hence, the ritual washing is important. Typically, a bath is the means for this ritual washing.
You will need: a bowl of water.
a bowl of natron. Step One

Take the bowl filled with water, and say over it:
O Water may you remove all impurities!
Step Two

Take the bowl of natron, and say over it:
It is Pure. It is Pure. It is Pure. It is Pure.
My natron is the natron of Heru.
My natron is the natron of Set.
My natron is the natron of Dehuty.
My natron is the natron of Geb.
My mouth is the mouth of the milking calf on the day that my mother, Aset, gave birth to me.
Natron is a naturally-formed substance in Ancient Egypt. It is essentially sodium carbonate and sodium chloride (baking soda & salt).
You can create your own natron, or you can create the "lazy man's natron" and simply mix baking soda and salt.
Step Three

Mix the natron and water in the bowl.
Gargle some of the natron and spit it out.
Pour the rest of the natron in your bath. Or if you don't have a bathtub, but a shower, pour the bowl of water/natron over you in the shower.
Bathe as normal. Step Four

Dress in loose white clothing.
White symbolizes purity, and was the commonly used color of robe worn by priests.

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