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Default 21st century demon management system - wu bu fa - kao zhao fa

五 部 法 考 召 法

In “WuBuFa KaoZhaoFa”, the material world, the "baryons" of the universe (the light and matter) is really just a snowflake at the center of a large cloud. So silly for people to fear the cloud around them that created them and which owns them and controls them, even sillier and downright offensive to say that the cloud that doesn't exist and is the enemy, and like Catholicism say that demons should be attacked, destroyed. So silly. Good luck, snowflake, yeah, you can destroy the cloud out of which you've condensed. All meaning resides in you, the snowflake, and there is no need for you to align yourself with your cloud in any way. No interaction with the cloud is sensible for you to make, or you need a "priest" who's certified on dealing with things like that.

The Daoist outlook takes the spirit world into account. And Daoism is not the enemy of the demons. Rather they are integrated into society. Briefly, WuBuFa KaoZhaoFa is a matter of setting off a special ritual space, summoning the demon through any one of several ritual methods, then interrogating who he is and why he is there and what he's been up to, and who else is involved, then bathe the demon, wash the demon, feed the demon, clothe the demon in white, sit the demon down and explain the rules, the way it’s gonna be from now on. And after hours or days of preaching to the demon, he is then installed as a militaristic protector, and with an army of demons collected from other suffering people and re deployed in this way, there is no way someone could plan an ambush of me, waiting in the surrounding mountains with a surface-to-surface missile, because I am protected by such a powerful and loyal army. The only problem with this kind of magic is keeping the ever expanding army under some kind of control, so that we don't end up with situations like Abu Ghraib; these things get out of control like rowdy soldiers, and it is technically my responsibility to keep them in line, even as they crash with foreign armies. I teach them the Statutes of Mystery Metropolis - an esoteric 12th century Taoist ethics document for humans and demons.

Fa means method."Wu Bu" Fa is a Buddhist exorcism ritual."Khao Zhao" Fa is a Daoist rite of capturing and interrogating demons. "Wubufa-khaozhaofa" is something I invented, a post modern demon management system.

Sometimes the room I rent is haunted. It’s obvious by the first night you sleep there.

So if I find a problem I take dry erase marker and write on the window -

'aptropaic talisman, or WuBuFa KaoZhaoFa?'

As if the ghost has a choice: Run away 'cause what I just wrote on the window is an aptropaic talisman and you have about 24 hours to pack up and leave for good, or we can do it my way, so the second night, if there's not a dramatically noticeable improvement, I erase the first three words on the window, change the question mark at the end to an exclamation point, and get started.

It's not hard to eat the ghost, the ghost can't resist, the hard part is managing the energy level; containment, self-control; “train load of demons, steady-as-she-goes”; journey to universal salvation.

"Welcome to class, I’m charlie 5, I’ll be your immortality instructor". From Kao Zhao Fa we learn that once having captured the ghost, we feed him, bathe him, dress him in white, and sit him in the one room schoolhouse on the prairie just outside space and time, the palace of demon learning.

There we teach him, for as long as it takes, to assent to and to memorize the Ten Commandments for demons.

At the beginning of the training, the energy that the ghost is will surge inside of you, and may try to derail you from your mission; the job is to hold it steady, and more than ever, teach everything inside of you the right way to move with heaven, containing every internal explosion.

Not reacting to the pain of temptation, the plea to break a precept, the attempt to make it easier by giving in, is the asking price for salvation-enlightenment-wholeness (du - ).

With time, like the Chinese monkey king, the initially problematic spirit becomes enlisted into the project of humanity, gracefully taking our direction and guidance and applying his strength and energy to help the overall structure, and in return, wubufa aozhao fa offers the demon a permanent home, a place, like 5, to live as long as heaven and earth in the fullness of utmost pervasion.

And so the military chief of channel 5, Zhen Wu (true, military), , who is also 5 with charlie5, at the end of wubufa kaozhaofa, takes the ghost away - when the excess energy has been exhausted and channeled into various immortality projects by the shaman, the one room schoolhouse is converted from the palace of demon learning, to the palace of all understanding, where the ghost graduates the WuBuFa KaoZhaoFa school, and is transported straight up, accompanied by Zhen Wu and charlie5, first to the moon, to its center, where they then get in a small elevator together, the three of them smiling so broadly and peacefully as they travel to the heart of a massive and infinitely beautiful protocluster of galaxies, a shamanic journey into redshift space, Zhen Wu's warrior palace in Qing Wei, (clear-distinct-quiet, tiny-miniature-profound), , at the center of the Australian sky in the southern hemisphere, where the ghost is permanently installed as emperor of his own central cave of anti time heaven, and gets to radiate beauty into our universe for the rest of the universe's existence, and even if he ever wanted to possibly leave such a beautiful amazing home, he could never possibly break out of the deep well he finds himself embedded in.

Olga Karitidi described it in “Spirits of Trauma”; demons, she said, are the spirits of trauma in other people, and the shaman heals by taking them onto herself, storing them on her genome, and then necessarily passes them down to her progeny, who then have to take up the ongoing demon management project or spill the bucket back onto the world.

Demons aren’t anything for a shaman to be afraid of, just an opportunity to learn and to heal the trauma of the universe, a plea to help with the project of salvation-enlightenment-wholeness.

Tapirs, the “baku” of eastern culture – “dream eaters”, they teach it. when I asked them about this “dream eaters” stuff they told me “charlie, we eat bad dreams, and that’s really demons; we’re demon eaters, and it’s all about digestion; you can wade in the mystery if you hold your heart up to heaven, if you lift your proboscis and cry “beauty, beauty” at everyone around, lift the vision up to heaven, in order to cleanse, to carry the mystery upward; time is the ultimate demon, the nature of demon, and time, digested properly, is grace”.

Demons. The lost demons. Not evil really, just confused, in need of training, searching for salvation like everybody else, competing for resources they think are finite, and misbehaving, stealing from and interfering with the living.

The demons don't really hate us, I don't think.

I think they need us and they are just looking for leadership. They will use any fear they can find to get your attention. So people with a fear of death suffer the worst from their presentations. But if you turn that down, they will drop it in favor of whatever else will get your attention.

Demons are hungry, and it'd be nice to believe everything here is secured for just us and we can just relax and not even think about sharing and taking care of the world around us, but maybe that isn't the truth or the way of heaven, maybe it’s not the way to live in harmony with the universe which isn't that just another instance of ourself? Being stingy with light and energy even for demons may not be the best path.

But what I didn’t realize at that age is neither is it appropriate to give away the store and make light of your life and loose it too early. There was so much to learn from that point to out here in the heaven I’ve achieved; but a journey of that many million miles really does begin with one step, it really does happen.

Demons, I think they are the couch that the material world sits in, the cloud out of which we condense, and though we’d like to believe this is all ours for the taking and we invented the universe ourselves for ourselves, there are others, and they are part of the one single existence that we all really are.

So, what is the rule of the day at demon training school? Love? Hah, not that simple, especially for demons. They need to be taught rules, taught not to do things that they will naturally come up with doing. that's all - I teach them the Statutes of Mystery Metropolis, an esoteric Taoist cult that came up with ten rules for demons, they have three hundred commandments where my native religion had ten, it was way better for practicing magic and becoming magical. You know, kids who work with demons need to read the I Ching, learn there are two sides to a coin, and power moves. Anyway, they used these ten rules for demons when they are captured and installed as protectors of the community, soldiers, defenders, employees in the library/think-tank. This I would like to memorize, to compare it to my friend who said there are three rules for demons in the Hogwarts thing, that popular wizard fiction thing - harry potter, he had three rules, they all made sense, and so I wanted to tell the ten rules, and I couldn't list them, so here they are, not from memory unfortunately, yet:

1) Do not leave and enter at odd hours, collide with the living, wantonly go among people continuously create havoc, cause people to have strange dreams and imaginings, or upset the multitude of harmonies, only pray that all spirits of darkness be easy at heart and receive salvation.

2) Do not join alien demons and outside ghosts in exhorting food and drink, throwing sand or casting stones, thereby creating terror among the living.

3) Do not wrongly bring pestilence and epidemic into the world, infecting good citizens and causing people to be sick and ill, and becoming a worry for their friends and relatives.

4) Do not restrain or obstruct landholders, hindering their sowing and planting, or forcefully occupy in their forests, trees, flowers, and fruits, hiding and concealing yourself to avoid the rightful rent to be paid to heaven.

5) Do not wrongly create commotion in the four directions, set fire and burn down people's homes and lodges, damage and diminish their wealth and property, or otherwise destroy a family's estate.

6) Do not seek out blood-based food, creating deep sins and obstructions, and causing retribution and transmigration without interruption.

7) Do not compel any devious elements, crows or magpies, foxes, curs, dogs, or rodents, to haunt and terrify the living.

8) Do not harm people's domestic animals, thereby leading them to recompense in later incarnations and forever falling into the realms of darkness.

9) Do not cause carriage animals or horses to run loose, or in other ways obstruct and hinder travelers among the living, thereby provoking disaster or injury, only to meet your own selfish demands.

10) Do not stir up misfortune for people or crate emotional charges for them, causing sickness among humans and pursuing their spirit souls, so they deviate from the multitude of harmonies. Only pray that all spirits of darkness be easy at heart and receive salvation.

So I don't know what you are using to deal with demons, if that is something you face, but after alot of research and thinking about it, and being so involved with the demon world all my life, I came up with WuBuFa KaoZhaoFa, and I find it highly effective; the demons are my food, I find them to be a very high energy superfood, sets my mind rocketing through the wonder spheres and has my body tight as a drum while holding up the sun and the moon, and the demons end up very happy when I tuck them away in their final home for eternity, because hey, evil, calmed down, is pure beauty.

In the grand qi ocean that is the universe, we all can’t but help to breathe in the unknown; the challenge is to hold it still, pause the breath, and radiate quiet mystery on the altar of the known.

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