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Default Re: Deepening our Tree Knowledge

brigidrose, I think apple will lend itself easier for your purposes, as apple trees (and other fruit trees) often need to be trimmed or pruned. Also, the branches will usually be closer to the ground (especially if it's been cultivated) or more open to allow for climbing. Oak is much harder to harvest branches from past a certain point, as well as elm, though both of those tend to shed their branches more often, especially after a big wind or snow/ice storm, the bigger they get.
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Default Re: Deepening our Tree Knowledge

Yes..I am going to go behind the house and walk to see if I feel and find anything. I would love one from this huge oak tree in the forest where we walk most of the time, she has to be at least 200 years old. But she is in a well traveled path...rangers are always lurking. I have one from her I got years ago, it was in my path as I was waling..maybe that will happen again.
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