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Hearthcraft and Hedgewitchery Working with the magic and spirit of hearth, home, kith and kin..creating a magical sanctuary, including kitchenwitchery and garden magic

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Default What are your hearth tools?

What are your hearth tools? Where do you keep them? Do you let others use them?
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Default Re: What are your hearth tools?

I don't really have any tools specifically.

I have a lovely little kitchen knife that I use when working. Its nothing special but perfect at the same time. I use it for all my herb working and for scraping the oil from oranges. I love using it to make huge stews and soups in the colder months. Sounds daft but I love that little knife lol.

Otherwise the only other thing I can think of is my Pestle and Mortar

I make sure I cleanse them though for magical work, I let my partner use them, though he rarely does
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Default Re: What are your hearth tools?

Everything in the kitchen! hehe. Yes, everyone in the family uses these tools. My practice is centered around family so it only makes sense to me that everyone in the family would use the tools.

There rules thought. The biggest and main one is this that if you not balanced at the time, stay out of the kitchen. My DH gets really stressed, so when we go to make dinner, that reflects in the preparing and cooking of the food. Often times I'll tell him to get out of the kitchen and let me do it. Cooking is my own little therapy when im not really really depressed.
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