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Default Re: The Ankh

it says so much, that I used it as the memorial for my daughter and got it tattoo'd on my back...
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Default Re: The Ankh

Originally Posted by mr cheese View Post
the ankh is ironically probably the first ever christian symbol...or fairly close
Oh dear, I feel like I am following you around, asking questions....

Do you mean it was adapted by the Christians?

The Ankh was my first 'coming out' symbol - as a pagan... I found a fantastic set of earrings - about 3 inches in size, red ankh, and started wearing them... doesn't sound like a big deal, but in the mid 80's, in a conservative although large country town - it was... I even had one young woman walk up to me in a university bar and tell me that what I was wearing was the symbol of the Antichrist.

My Egyptian partner loves the fact that I designed this tattoo some 3 years before we met (based on my beloved earring - which I still have!) and had booked my tattoo appt a year before we met - he then came with me...

I also have a sketch - from a meditation on the ankh - of the man on the cross, with the halo forming a vulva behind him as a symbol of rebirth - the concept of crossroads and then new birth.
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Default Re: The Ankh

I have two ankhs tattooed on my body (one alone, and one as part of a greater piece of work) and I love them. I see the ankh as the symbol of eternal life, that even when we pass, we are not gone. Our ancestors are still with us, even though they are physically gone, and the ankh symbolizes the cycle of life and death and life again. Even though reincarnation isn't really a thing that is much considered in Egyptian mythos, I still believe that if Wesir can survive His death and be productive, so too can we.
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Default Re: The Ankh

Thanks for covering the info so well! I too have a small pendant of an ankh, but I've beaded it with jet and amber beads (it has an amber center and those were my only beads available at the time).
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Default Re: The Ankh

Thank you for this thread! I actually just got an ankh tattoo three days ago on the back of my neck. It has on and off meant a lot to me over the past eight years. I knew much of the information you already had, but it is always nice to have a refresher and I did not realize it was also associated with death. Mine is more representative of my "dark side" (dur how silly does that sound) and a symbol of psychic vampyrism.
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