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Default Dr. Phil

I watched a few episodes of Dr. Phil and he's Avery educated psychologist. He help so many people with their problems and he knows what he's talking about. What do anybody else thinks of Dr. Phil?
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The Troll
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Default Re: Dr. Phil

Dr Phil's job is really easy. If he were really talented he'd give them shitty advice on purpose to ruin their lives, then televise the results.
If you don't sit in the dark for hours at a time wearing nothing but a Dracula cape and screaming "OK?OK?OK?OK?OK?okokokokokokokokokokokokokokokokok okokokokokokokOK?OK?OK?OK?OK?okokokokokokokokokoko kokOK?OK?OK?OK?OK?okokokokokokokokokokokokOK?OK?OK ?OK?OK?okokokokokokokokokokokok" over and over until you lose your voice, then you're probably a fucking retard.
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