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Default Re: Paul Devereux's Website : Ley Lines

No problem!

MonSno_LeeDra, I had the same issue before I corrected the link. It should be working fine now. If not, just type in 'leylijnen' on Google and you'll probably find this site as well.
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Default Re: Paul Devereux's Website : Ley Lines

Interesting links - question for the forum generally -are there American specific ley lines? Links or references?

I've seen some great Australian images of songlines - will see if I can find them again.
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Default Re: Paul Devereux's Website : Ley Lines

Missed this bump.

A quick google while waiting for my wife to get ready for today's gigs turns up several sites, but certainly


isn't talking about the same thing as Devereaux or Watkins.

I have a copy of 'The Indians Book' by a French researcher contemporary with Watkins's publication of "The Old Straight Track". If there are stories they'll be mentioned in there. I know I put it somewhere safe quite recently, but then the study is full of stuff I've put 'somewhere safe'. When I find it I'll have a look.

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