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Default put the seeds in your mouth first

Have anyone heard about this technique of planting seeds? I think this information is quite fascinating, perhaps there is something to it?

“Before planting, put into your mouth one or more little seeds, hold them in your mouth, under the tongue, for at least nine minutes.”

“Every seed you plant contains within itself an enormous amount of information about the Universe. Nothing made by human hands can compare with this information either in size or accuracy. Through the help of these data the seed knows the exact time, down to the millisecond, when it is to come alive, grow — what juices it is to take from the Earth, how to make use of the rays of the celestial bodies — the Sun, Moon and stars, what it is to grow into, what fruit to bring forth."

“Then place the seed between the palms of your hands and hold it there for about thirty seconds. During this time it is important that you be standing barefoot on the spot of earth where you will later be planting it.
“Open your hands, and carefully raise the seed which you are holding to your mouth. Then blow on it lightly, warming it with your breath, and the wee little seed will know everything that is within you.

“Then you need to hold it with your hands open another thirty seconds, presenting the seed to the celestial bodies. And the seed will determine the moment of its awakening. The planets will all help it! And will give the sprouts the light they need to produce fruit especially for you.

“After that you may plant the seed in the ground. In no case should you water it right off, so as not to wash away the saliva which is now covering it, along with other information about you that the seed will take in. It can be watered three days after planting.

“The planting must be done on days appropriate to each vegetable (people already know this, from the lunar calendar). In the absence of watering, a premature planting is not as harmful as an overdue planting.
“It is not a good idea to pull up all the weeds growing in the vicinity of the sprouts. At least one of each kind should be left in place. The weeds can be cut back…”

According to Anastasia, the seed is thus able to take in information about the person who plants it, and then during the cultivation of its fruit it will pick up from the Universe and the Earth the optimum blend of energies needed for a given Man1."

The weeds should not be disposed of completely, as they have their own appointed function. Some weeds serve to protect the plant from disease while others give supplemental information.

The fruit of plants grown like this will be distinguished from other plants of the same species not only in taste. If analysed, it will be seen that they are also distinct in terms of the substances they contain. When planting the seedlings, it is important to soften the dirt in the excavated hole with one’s fingers and bare toes, and spit into the hole."

“Why the feet?”

Anastasia explained that through perspiration from one’s feet come substances containing information about bodily diseases. This information is taken in by the seedlings. They transmit it to the fruit, which will thus be enabled to counteract diseases. Anastasia recommended walking around the plot barefoot from time to time."

“There are a few ‘definites’ without which it would be difficult to imagine a full energy micro-climate: one of them is sunflowers (at least one plant). There should also be one-and-a-half or two square metres of cereal grains (rye or wheat, for example), and be sure to leave an ‘island’ of at least two square metres for wild-growing herbs — ones that are not planted manually.

“It is not just the variety of plants that is significant, but also how they are planted — the direct communication with them that allows them to take in the information they need. I have already told you about one of the methods of planting — that’s the basic one.

The important thing is to infuse the little patch of Nature surrounding you with information about yourself. Only then will the healing effect and the life-giving support of your body be significantly higher than from the fruit alone."


Some statements in these books are more than just a bit far flung perhaps, but even so I think this must have something to it.

I mentioned this to my mother once, and she said that her mother used to do this when she planted seeds. Not exactly the same way, but she did keep them in her mouth before planting them to the ground. It was just something that she did out of habit, said it was better for the seeds.

It really would be marvelous if someone would actually do this as a project and in a lab compare yields from plants that have been cultivated by this method compared to a more conventional approach. How revolutionary it would be if this actually could be scientifically proven.

I will definitely try this out this year

Edit: Forgot to mention that you don't need to do this to each and every seed that you plant, just a few seeds for every different plant that you will grow. The seeds that have the information will share it with the other plants.
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

No, I haven't heard this method but find it very interesting! It also reminded me of my honorary Grandpa who could grow anything! He also put the seeds, even roots, in his mouth and held them there while he prepared the spot to plant. When he was ready to sow the seed or plant the root he said "Moses" with each one. I can't recall any of his plantings failing!
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

^ That is really fascinating. People sure knew what they were doing back in the days
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

From a purely scientific perspective, holding the seeds in your mouth could help boost the initial growth phase of the seedling inside. Our saliva contains the enzyme amylase, which is used to break down starch to maltose sugar in the first stage of digestion.

By bathing seeds in our saliva, some of it will enter the micropyle (the small hole that allows water to enter the seed and start germination) and start to degrade the starchy endosperm, thus making a food source available earlier than usual to the embryo.
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

Wow mama is going to try this thanks for sharing
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

I am going to try this !! Just remember to not do this with poisonous plant seeds..yew..foxgloves etc..
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

What a very interesting idea! I'm starting to get garden fever (it just dumped snow on us again yesterday so now I'm really getting jittery lol) so this gives me something else to contemplate, I wonder how it would translate over to plants I start indoors. Maybe it could be broken into a two part event? Walking barefoot in the garden this time of year (or at least until May) is not advisable due to frost bite lol!
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

^^lol I have done that too...feels good at first.

I did not start my seeds yet, but I have them, ( I usually forget where I put them so I remember, last year). I have a list of new ones I want to get.

I don't think I ever had this one:Foxglove: This flower was once called the “folks’ glove,” meaning the glove of the Good Folk, or Faeries. In Ireland it is called the “fairy bell” and in Cheshire, England, it is known as “fairy petticoats.” In Scotland, it is known as the “thimble of the faery woman.”

I had these and loved them: Bluebell, Harebell, and Fairy Flax
: The small blue bells of all these delicate flowers are said to make music for faeries’ revels, but no mortal ear can hear their sound.

Don't think I had this: St. John’s Wort
: A very powerful faery plant, that is traditionally plucked for use on St. John’s Eve, the Midsummer’s Eve festival in June. It can be used to enhance divination, and worn as a protection against evil spirits. In the Isle of Man it was said that if trodden on after sunset, this plant would cause a faery horse to rise up out of the ground and carry you away until the next sunrise.

Again not sure; Primrose
: A long-standing faery favorite, these beautiful spring flowers are a must for any faery garden. In a Somerset folktale, Goblin Combe, a lost child who had been picking primroses accidentally touched a rock with them. The faeries came out, gave her presents and showed her the way home.

I think we have had these: Forget-me-not:
These lovely flowers are said to be guarded by faeries who love their drifts of hazy blue color in the woods.

Don't think I have seen this: Vervain: Vervain: More commonly called verbena, this is a slender plant with spikes of tiny blue flowers. Known as the ‘Holy Herb,’ or ‘Enchanter’s Plant,’ it enjoyed a reputation as one of the greatest sacred plants of the Druids, who used it to foretell the future.

Had this but not in this garden: Yarrow:
In the Scottish Hebrides, people believed yarrow could bestow an d shealladh, or “second sight,” when held over the eyes. When Irish women went on a journey, they would pick ten stalks of yarrow, throw one away as a tithe for the faeries, and put the other nine in their stockings, under the heel of the right foot, for protection. Yarrow stalks were traditionally used in divination.

We have lots of ferns; Fern
: Fern has always been regarded as a bridge between the human and faery kingdoms. A Cornish folktale describes how a young woman was listlessly pulling fronds of fern as she sat resting by the wayside.

We use this in our office,but I would like the plant: Mugwort: An undistinguished-looking plant with small brown flowers, mugwort was famous for its healing properties throughout the British Isles and Ireland. In Wales, after it was picked, it was purified and strengthened in the smoke of midsummer bonfires. Then it was hung up over the doors of house and barn, and also made into garlands. Those who had sick family members at home singed it in the flames and took it back for the patient to inhale the smoke. The grey-green leaves of the mugwort, infused in a tea, was used to help open psychic vision and faery sight.
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Default Re: put the seeds in your mouth first

Very awesome information!! I'll have to include some of these in my herb garden! Except for the fox glove, it's very bad for dogs and I wouldn't want my babies to get into it, it grows wild around here.
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