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Default Meet 'Schmeat'

Meet 'Schmeat' - hamburger grown in a laboratory - a patty made in a petri dish.

A hamburger patty made from lab-grown meat or "schmeat" is expected to be unveiled and grilled later this month at an event in London that is highly anticipated by animal rights activists and other backers.
"The vision for this burger is really to attract support, to attract funding," said social sciences researcher Neil Stephens in an interview with CBC's The Current host Anna Maria Tremonti. "And I'm sure it will because it's a very enticing idea for many people."
Stephens, a professor at Cardiff University in Wales, has been studying the ethical and cultural issues around in vitro meat and has interviewed all the key scientific figures in the field.

Among them is Mark Post, a physiologist at Maastricht University in the Netherlands, who grew the meat for the upcoming burger unveiling in his lab. The development of the 140-gram patty has taken two years and cost 250,000 ($338,000). Stephens said the funding needed to scale up the process to something commercially viable is one of the biggest obstacles right now on the journey of in vitro meat from the lab and the supermarket.

I'm not sure it could be worse than this....

Chicken Nugget Meat Paste


Or this....

Chicken McNugget Meat Paste

Or these....

What do you think?

Would you be willing to give it a try?
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

Well, the lab--grown meat is literally just muscle cells grown in the lab and put into a burger-like shape. The rest of those examples... well, I'm sure they're partially made of meat, but also a bunch of chemical crap you really don't want near you.

I'd happily eat lab-grown meat. However, apparently the taste is still in need of development, as it lacks fat-cells that would add flavour and texture, so there's still work to be done! (They haven't really figured out how to grow fat cells in vitro yet.)
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

I imagine the Quarter Million Pounder Burger is slightly more healthy than the other processed meats you mentioned. Scientifically, one day I suppose this process may one day have some useful applications.
Meanwhile I'd rather have a steak from a happy cow raised on an organic farms.
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

None of any of that for me.
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

Mmmmm, Pink Slime. Ooooohhh yeah!
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

That's just fucking nasty, all around.

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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

Great if there would be this option for people who eat meat, I'd rather see that stuff in shops that factory farm grown meat.
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

Mental. Seems there are much simpler ways to grow protein rich foods without turning to the test tube...

Peanut, anyone...?
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

$364,000 for that genetically grown hamburger!
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Default Re: Meet 'Schmeat'

Reminds me of Spam
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