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Default Spell Begging

What's spell begging?
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Default Re: Spell Begging

I guess it means when people ask (or beg) witches to do a spell for them or perhaps tell them how to do a spell.
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Default Re: Spell Begging

In most instances I am aware of it's people who join forums or such and their only contribution to the site is asking for spells to do this or that. Perhaps an intro occasionally or participating in fun threads but seldom more than that. Then many times they simply create a new spell need once the original has been answered.

If your lucky they may actually want to discuss the specifics of the spell vice just getting one written out for them they can use.
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Default Re: Spell Begging

Spell begging according to my understanding are the people who like to beg for the spells all the time, even if their eye itches they just think of beg a spell to make it fine.
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