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Minerals and Stones Metaphysical properties and uses of minerals, stones, gemstones and crystals

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Default Crystal energy based on color and charging

So, I have 2 questions.

1. Will a crystal's color have affects on it's energy?
Such as, different colors of Quartz.

And 2. I've heard it's important to charge and cleanse crystals before using them, however I've also heard certain ways can be almost harmful to certain crystals. But everywhere I've looked lacks specification as to what crystals can't be in the sun, or soaked in water.

Burying my crystals is not really an option. I live in an apartment complex in a poor neighborhood and I have very untrustworthy neighbors.

Would anyone mind if I borrowed some insight?
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Default Re: Crystal energy based on color and charging

In my experience color does have an influence. Yet not for the reasons one might think but because of the impurities that went into its creation. Figure a crystal is made of silica which normally is clear or chalky white in color. So any other coloration is due to impurities or other minerals or metals that are present in its final form.

There's lots of new age stuff on crystals and what makes them special. However I'd warn be aware a fool and their money are soon parted.

Crystals are not my specialty and I honestly do not buy into a lot of the new agey hokey pokey about marks, fissures, etc in the final product. So use that as a gauge as to my input regarding crystals, minerals or metals and their supposed magical powers.
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