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Folklore and Fairytales Every country has specific tales that have acted like a backbone to its people for centuries-Folklore is the fertile soil of morals, heroism and fantasy. Come share stories and magical tales, from wherever you hail...

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Default In Search of the Fairies

..watching this right now.

"if you don't know how to think, you'll always be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

Shane Parrish
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Default Re: In Search of the Fairies

I saw this earlier this year too... Cape Breton and the diaspora areas of Canada are fascinating in how they have retained the original fairy culture, whilst also seemingly adapting to the local habitat. I mean, on a purely folkloric level it's very similar, but in a spiritual level I've read of some Faeries seemingly taking on local atributes, or local Native spirits taking on Irish or Gaelic aspects.
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Default Re: In Search of the Fairies

Just watched this, so immensely cute and interesting too. Loved the accents.
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