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Default Just how Great is the Great Glen?

The Great Glen is traditionally considered to run 73 miles or 100 km from Fort William in the South,past Fort Augustus up to Fort George in the North East.

The Actual Great Glen Fault line runs way past Fort William to Oban,across the Irish sea to run along into Western Ireland & out into the Atlantic Ocean.

It stretches all the way to America's West Coast & would be exactly continous but for the Mid Atlantic Ridge which formed 200 million years ago.

The fault continues on the North American side of the North Atlantic Ocean, but is no longer part of a contiguous fault, as the complete fault was broken when the Mid-Atlantic Ridge formed 200 million years ago. The North American side of the fault runs through the length of northwestern Newfoundland, Canada, as the Cabot Fault (Long Range Fault) and on into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.[1] It is at least 300 miles (480 km) long.

The stone on the banks of Loch Ness is among the Oldest formed in the world & certainly is the oldest formed in the UK.

This stone is identical to the stone found upon the West Coast of America so at one time they were joined before some ancient cataclysmic event(s) seperated them,as the gap ever widens the distance between the rock & thus the fault line.

The Great Glen itself can be considered a series of Faults as there are many,many many cracks in the fissure of the rock which have not been investigated as they are considered to be too *dangerous.*

New land under the oceans is being created all of the time,So just because a fault line no longer seems continous why should it not be considered so?

Not to do so masks the true nature of the Earth & our purpose.

Say it ain't so?
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