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Mysticism Mysticism: the pursuit of unification with the One, the immediate consciousness of Divinity, or the direct experience of religious truth. This forum is for discussion of all related experiences, practises and topics of interest.

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Default The Hesychastic tradition and the use of (dark) Fury

From wikipedia:

"He is also to use an extremely directed and controlled anger against the tempting thoughts"


It's basically the tradition I used to get in touch with the overseeing deity of modern Western culture. Though I did receive some basic tuition from my uncle - who was a Hesychast monk on Mount Athos - I then later developed and applied the techniques myself. It is, after all, a solitary enough practice...

What interests me here as a topic for debate is the personal usage of controlled anger to produce, or contribute, to spiritual progress. Anger in most traditions is not viewed as a benevolent force or emotion, nor one which is or should be used by spiritual practitioners. Yet it is employed for precisely those purposes within the Greek Orthodox monastic tradition.

From my experience of it, it is also a dark anger: a controlled fury which 'rises up in you and comes from the heart', controlled by Spirit yet wielded by YOU as a consciousnesses. It's strength comes from darkness, however, and its validity is the use to which you put it: you make it serve your will in the quest for the descent and application of The Light.

In ancient Greek thought, this was known as the masculine virtue of thumos. It is viewed as necessary, contrary to the position taken by Buddhism, for example. You need to get angry at times - when the situation warrants it - and you need to wield that anger in a controlled though not a creative manner. Doing so results in the attainment of the Light, or, if used later on, assists in the application of that Light (which we may call God) to the conditions and circumstances of the physical world.

So. Do you think anger has a place in Spiritual practice? And is that place one where it serves a higher will, or purpose?

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