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Default Prayer

Sometimes, it's nice to get down to basics.

These are my views... please, please feel free to add your thoughts!!

Prayer is something that many of us, coming wounded from other, more mainstream religions, tend to dismiss... at least, initially. Something we may discover, though, is that prayer - in various forms - is powerful.

Sometimes, prayer is merely a request. A way of speaking to one's deities or the Universe itself, sharing a burden, asking for help. "Let go and let God," may be one way to express this.

Sometimes, prayer is sending your own energy via a conduit the Universe, to be doubled and enlarged, to fulfill some request or direction. This can be directly to personal, familiar deities, or to a more amorphous "Divine."

Prayer can be as simple as a thought, whispered in our own minds, or as a breath carried on a breeze... or as grand as a sacred ritual, with candles and incense, designated sacred space, drawing energy through yourself (and others; prayer can be a group activity! ), to create a massive, metaphysical beacon to catch the attention of the Divine and request their additional energy to your working.

Prayer is as individual as the person praying; prayer can be almost anything. Chant, dance, knitting, breathing, writing, singing... The key thread that links all prayer is that, with prayer, you are requesting the input and assistance of the Divine, your gods and goddesses, or simply the Universe itself. Prayer is taking your energy, your skill, your workings - and opening up to your personal Divine to amplify your intent. Sometimes this intent is merely communion and communication with your deity of choice - at other times, prayer is as an intricate part of a larger working.

In my own spiritual practice, prayer is something that I cannot separate out from everything else that I do. Prayer, for me, is my biggest and most powerful tool - and yet, it can be a delicate, precise tool. It's also a great way to help close loopholes, to (at least partially) avoid the "Murphey's Law" aspect of energy work - when you are requesting help from the Divine, you can request that they protect you as you work... as the working goes about its business... and, in my experience, it is an effective protection against chaos and mayhem.

Prayer strengthens our connection to the Divine, and it reinforces the bond we share with this Universe. Prayer can amplify our own innate abilities, protect us, guide us, and change our lives.

Meditation and prayer can sometimes go hand-in-hand... meditating to seek guidance from (and open yourself up to) your personal Divine can be some of the most powerful spiritual experiences that we have.

Well, I think that's a good start. What do you think? What is YOUR experience with prayer? Let's discuss!

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Default Re: Prayer

I don't know if I can add much to the discussion since I agree with everything you say!
Prayer is the way I communicate with deity or with the universe. It is the way I converse with Hathor. Like you say, it can be as simple as speaking words or whispering them in my mind; or as elaborate at a full scale ritual. For me the line between payer and spellwork is often very blurred.
And often I feel that payer is undervalued and under-used.
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Default Re: Prayer

Prayer, mediation and affirmations are all linked with me and they are something I use multiple times a day.................this is how I connect with all entities I have been privileged to work with. With a simple prayer I as for a Master of whatever I am about to do...........when I was in the army I was an electronic tech, I was called to a job where I did not even know how the equipment worked let alone fix it............I prayed for a master in electronics to be with me and guide me and I was directed straight to the problem and it was fixed in no time.............I use this method all the time when I do most things
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