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Methodology This forum is for sharing and discussion of all magical methods and techniques, from basic to advanced. Discussion is not confined to any one path or philosophy but welcomes all takes on the topic.

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Default Foundational Practises: Relaxation

Every magical school I have studied with and almost every book on the topic I've read, emphasize the absolute necessity of starting any work in a relaxed frame of mind. For some this foundational exercise comes easily - and then there's the rest of us. <G> I for one took a long time to learn to systematically relax myself physically, but the daily reiteration of the practise has vastly improved my skill, and had positive repercussions outside of overt magical work.(For example, if I feel myself becoming agitated online or in a heated discussion with another person, I start mentally doing it, and my self control is greatly improved). The basic method is detailed below, but there are others of course. Recently I started using a variant, one that Mara Freeman teaches in her courses on Avalonian Magic, and at first it was a bit awkward for me but now I've started to use it a lot more. The basic technique for progressive relaxation is this:

Lean back in your chair. Make yourself comfortable. Place both feet flat on the floor. Rest your hands comfortably in your lap. Take a couple of slow deep breaths and get ready to relax…..

Begin by stretching your legs as far as they can go...Relax. Stretch your legs, again. Move your feet up, towards you, hold...turn your feet down, away from you...Hold...Relax.

Now, tighten the muscles in your calves and those in your thighs. Tight. Hold it, hold it...and relax.

Let your legs go back, slowly, down to their original position and relax all the muscles in your feet, all the muscles in your calves, all the muscles in your thighs. Let your legs be completely relaxed. And now, feel that wonderful relaxation coming up from your toes, up your calves and your thighs. Feeling nicely relaxed, very calm...and...very relaxed. Calm and relaxed. Take some time to take your attention away from the screen. Focus on your legs and feel your relaxation.

Now, stretch out your arms. Make two fists, tighten the muscles in your fingers. Feel the tightness...Hold it, hold it...and relax. Let your arms go down to their resting position. Feel that relaxation. Now stretch your arms again. Tighten the muscles in your wrists, in your lower arms, in your upper arms...Hold it, hold it...And, let go, just let go, let your arms go down to their original position. Stop for a second, and take your time to notice that quieting feeling of relaxation through your fingers, your hands; through your lower arms, and upper arms. Let your arms go completely limp. Take your time to increase that feeling of relaxation. Very relaxed, very calm, very relaxed and calm.

Now, arch your back backwards, raise your chest. Tighten the muscles in your chest, your abdomen, your back, and your neck. Hold it...hold it...Let go of the tension. Just let go of the tension. Notice your muscle relaxation. Take time to feel the muscles relax in your chest, in your abdomen, in your neck, all over your back. All your muscles feel nicely relaxed.

Now, tighten the muscles in your face, first the muscles around your forehead, then the muscles around your eyes. Make them tighter. Hold it...hold it...and relax. Now, tighten the muscles of your cheeks, the muscles around your mouth, the muscles of your chin. Make them tighter...Hold it, hold it...and relax. Let all the muscles in your face relax, first the muscles of your chin, then the muscles around your mouth, the muscles of your cheeks, the muscles around your eyes, the muscles of your forehead. Let all the tension drain from your face. Let your chin sag if that feels good. Take your time to enjoy the feeling of relaxation. You are very relaxed and very calm. Relaxed and calm.

Now, breathe in through your nose, slowly, and deeply. Breathe the air down into your abdomen first, then your chest, and your throat. Hold it, hold it...and slowly breathe it out through your nose. Feel the relaxation. Breathe in, tense up...Breathe out, relax.

Once again, take a very deep breath, hold it...hold it and slowly let it out. Let go of all your tension, your frustrations, your anxieties, feeling more and more relaxed. Relaxed and calm.

Now, take some time to scan your body. If you notice any tense areas, take your time to release that tension. Very good, you are now very relaxed.

Now, take time to breathe in and out; stretch your body; focus on your surroundings. Be ready to continue your day or commence grounding/magical work. Relaxed and calm. Focused and attentive.
__________________________________________________ ____________

This used to take me over a half hour to get all the knots of tension out, but I find now I'm good to go in under ten minutes, and the effects are long lasting.
What methods do you use?
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Default Re: Foundational Practises: Relaxation

Thank you ...I love this.. I have to remind myself to do this before jumping into anything.....
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Default Re: Foundational Practises: Relaxation

posture is indeed everything...well generally

this is why many western tradtions advocate sitting, spine straight in a chair...

one technique I was taught was ..shaking...

begin by shaking your arms..release the energy from them
feel the tingling as you do so....

then open eyed or closed eyed...see the room or space or place you are in...melt away... watch as the walls melt...and you are in a bubble or void of nothingness

here you can still time space and movement.... do this through the use of imagination... by using the 7 directions...you focus on space and time and movement....

you can chant IAO or OAI for time space and movement....

this is an equivalent or replacement for well known techniques like the LBRP or other "opening" ceremonies...

of course this is a simplified version.....perhaps I should put it in step by step form...


a classical kabbalistic technique of course is to meditate on each othe ten emanations..going up the tree...into nothingness....



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"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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