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Default Re: Christians Judge People

I don't think I'd go quite that far, p, but it does raise some questions for me when I see an indivdiual ranting all the time, day an/day out, about their sexuality and dire concerns about the rights of a specific group. While those concerns are valid and I don't mean to belittle them, I'm also not out raising Hell because middle aged female herbalists who work with animals and study Druidry while living in Rupert don't get the respect I think we deserve.
oh wait, I'm the only one, that I know of anyway.

There's more to the world than one cause even if that cause is valid and worthwhile and even essential. Sure, sexual issues matter. but not as much as the environment or human rights worldwide or our appalling treatment of other species.

Not very PC of me - but I have never cared what people do sexually as long as there is no coercion, and I won't impose my morality on others, again with the "do no harm" caveat. beyond our genitalia, it's a whole great big world out there.
"if you don't know how to think, you'll always be a one legged man in an ass kicking contest".

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Default Re: Christians Judge People

AMEN TO ALL OF YOU! Petrus4 raised some EXCELLENT points.

I was raised as a Christian Jew: Yep folks, Kosher law and going to church on Saturdays.
There are several issues that I have with Christianity in the fact that many talk on both sides on their mouths. For Example: Celibacy, Abortion, and lastly, lying.
Celibacy: I was celibate for around 5 years after I broke up with my boyfriend back in 2008. When I lost my job and was about to lose my Penthouse style apartment in an upscale suburb; I received 4 marriage proposals from 2010-2011. To make a long story short, one of the brethren from my parent’s church took me in 2012. At one of the Passover Dinners hosted by a longtime friend some of the Brethren stated: “Well some of the guys might have had been genuine in wanting to marry you.” “They knew that you did not want to have Casual Sex so therefore they felt that if you married them; then you would not be burden down with having to struggle financially.” I stated: “A lot of Christian Women who do marry are codependent to begin with; therefore, they do not see anything wrong with relying on a Man for food and shelter in exchange for Marital Sex.” One Man snorted and said loudly, “That sounds Godly!!”

EXCUSE ME????How is that genuine??? A Man asking a Woman to marry him simply because she does not want to have Casual Sex, Sex in exchange of rent money,Sex in exchange for a roof over her head. Etc. etc. HOW is THAT considered Godly??/ Any Woman who would marry due to the fact that she lost her job, and cannot afford to pay her bills is participating in GLORIFIED PROSTITUTION, period!!!

Abortion: Did you know that a lot of so called Conservative Christians have an exception to the rule when their daughters are gang raped? It happened in my church. The minister advised the parents to have the grandchild aborted. They decided not to do it and the poor girl was a social piranha as well as the baby.
Also did you know that when one of their White daughters is pregnant with a half Black baby then it is considering an excuse to abort? Don’t believe me? I invite you to listen to one of President Nixon’s tapes in regard to Abortion. Listen to what he has to say in regard to biracial pregnancies.

Lying: I believe that in a situation of Expedient means one should be allowed to lie. When the Germans took it upon themselves to hide Jews in their basements and attics they lied to the SS officers in order to save jewfish lives!!! Are they going to hell for lying to the SS officer due to the fact that they saved a lot of Jewish lives????
When I got sick from toting around cell phone dummies for the Sprint Company I had to lie about my finances in order to get Health insurance. I traveled to different hospitals in two different states; selling cell phones and data plans to Doctors, Nurses, and hospital employees. The germs from their hands, elevators, and doorknobs made me so sick that I had to see the doctor on an emergency appointment; due to the fact that I had a tumor growing on my shapely behind the size of a small egg!
Had I waited and refused to lie about my finances……… I WOULD HAVE DIED FROM MURSA AND I would not be here talking to you Lovely people TODAY! I told the minister what I did and he nodded his head and listened intently. He really did not have an opinion for he knew the severity of my condition.
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