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Fabienne S. Morgana
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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

Here's a link to Gede Parma's blog - he is a young, talented friend who lives in Brisbane.

They performed a Ceremony honouring Hekate:


Just putting it up here for the interested parties. MonSno - I like Gede's breakdown of titles/aspects, interested in your opinion, should you care to share it.
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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

As I read over the aspects it looks like a break down from Theoi com. Though to be honest I am not sure I would use all of them as each calls upon a different facet or part of Hekate. Unless your calling upon the various facets to me it seem's wrong to include them all. Though most of them speak to the Cthonic facet of Hekate and not her Heavens or Oceans persona and influence.

Not sure why he called upon three circles unless it be to touch upon her triformus capacity. Though it seem's more new agey to me or more Wiccanish in application with the circle casting and such. That and Honey and Garlic are not a combination I would use for certain.

I don't know except to the extent that it is not what I would use. I would call upon and honor her persona's with libations upon the ground and perhaps offerings upon the fire not just by calling her name upon the night winds. Would also have two fires buring to represent her twin torches but one would be representing the cthonic facets and the other upon a raised altar or platform to represent her celestial aspects.

Even the merging of the dark and light mothers seem's almost wiccanish to me. Hekate was not a light mother or light moon, that was typically Artemis, Selene was the moon in usage and Hekate the dark of the moon.

Soil of the graveyard? that doesn't seem to fit to me either as she gathered spirits or souls from the wilderness and liminal spots and drove them to the river.

I can understand the point being made but all in all it feels wrong to me but that is not to say its not right for another, just not right for me.
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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

[QUOTE=Fabienne S. Morgana;245597]
Hekate Devotional

[/QUOTE=Fabienne S. Morgana;245597]

Beautiful poem. I consider myself linked strongly with Hekate, she is always around, even when at times in the past I may have forgotton her.
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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

I actually had a rite for Hekate, last new moon 14 November. Thanks to this thread and other discussions regarding Hekate I got a bigger picture on how to go about it. I'm not sure I did it right, but it was a really nice experience for this time of the year to focus on.

One thing I've noticed lately when I do rites is that the reason I often felt a bit silly when speaking out loud some hymn before is that often they are in English, which is not my native language. Now when I have learned to actually translate them into my own language, I both understand them more deeply and also get them to sound better to my liking. Sort of more "down to business" like, and less dramatic.

I could perhaps post my own version here, but I forgot my "book of hymns" at home. I'll post it later on when I get home for the holidays.

I offered her an egg that I decorated, some honey and garlic which I took to the crossroads to be offered. Wow, it was so extremely dark that night that I did not see my hand in front of me, the darkness was so thick I could have cut it with a butter knife, but I found my way to the isolated cross roads anyway (though I did fall into a ditch at first).

I see some similarities between Hekate and a Finnish goddess called Louhi. She is also a darker goddess, witch of the North. She stole the sun and the moon, which is sort of an allegory for the time before winter solstice. I have also seen some mentioning of Louhi being associated with the lands of the dead - Tuonela.

Finnish godheads and gooddesses are very interesting, but sadly there is very little information about them. And the way they are depicted in Kalevala is not always that accurate, Louhi is for the most part a wicked witch who only brings trouble and disease. But in folklore she is also associated with deep wisdom and a protector of childbearing women and childbirth.
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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

I have felt over the last 24 hours or so, that I should make a contribution to this thread.

I don't feel as tightly bound to Hecate as some here, at all; however, I have had both a little immediate contact with her, as well as two of her people having been very good to me, over the last five years. So I have started offering the deipnon once a month. I don't read in Greek or do anything else for her, though; but I will admit, that although it has been difficult at times, I have been very flattered by her contact with me. Hecate is, of course, one of the Titans; they are a primordial and very powerful group. I was very intimidated by her at first, but not so much now; as I have become impressed by her sense of justice, if nothing else.

I will include here a link to a picture of Hecate, first contributed by Feranaja, which allowed me to verify some of my own sightings of her.

Below is also a song from YouTube which, for me at least, is Hecate's Leitmotif; That Ain't Bad, by the Australian band Ratcat.

They told me that you were a really bad news.
They said you were no good for me.
They told me you were a bad bad person.
But you seem alright to me.

They told me you hung around with
all the wrong people.
They said you were no good for me.
They said i should not even talk to you.
Oh now you seem alright to me.

They told me that you lied.
They said that you would do something bad to me.
But I can't seem to see that side.
Oh When, when your holding on to me.

I love you, yeah & I love you.
yeah & I love you.
yeah & I love you.
& That aint bad
& That aint bad
& That aint bad..... *2

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Default Re: Hecate [GS]

I thank you once again for your compassion, Ma Hekate. May it never be said by anyone, that you are not compassionate.
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