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Default Fairy rings and other plant lore


If you look through the ages, you will find much folklore about plants and their uses. Stories and legends about plant characteristics abound. What I find the most interesting is that many of the legends and lore have a moral, or a reason for being. Oral traditions serve the purpose of teaching future generations about the plants and the environment around them. Scary stories have been made up to frighten children to stay away from poisonous plants. Some stories are made up to tell what a plant does and how to use it. Before science, all people had was the knowledge acquired through their own experience and the experience of those before them. Oral tradition and lore was a sure way to pass their knowledge down to the next generation.

Learning these stories is beneficial to us because it will give us a greater understanding of the respect and knowledge our ancestors had of the world around them. They knew things we don't because they experienced the plants and used them in every day life. They knew what was edible and what was deadly. They taught their children these things, something our generation lacks.
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Default Re: Fairy rings and other plant lore

I love things like this thank you. Its nice to know there is still information out there. I was lucky that my Mum and Grandmother taught me alot of plants and trees name and there uses. I try to teach my son but he isn't interested unless it has a nintendo badge on! I'll keep trying though . I've taught him not to touch Deadly Nightshade (Belladonna) and Hemlock but he only pays attention to those because they are harmful.
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Default Re: Fairy rings and other plant lore

that article was such fun to read. thank you for posting!
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Default Re: Fairy rings and other plant lore

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Default Re: Fairy rings and other plant lore

are there any more sites/articles like this? i love reading about plants, botany is terribly fascinating and when you go back and look at the legends associated with certain plants and then look at what science says about them, theres often this aha moment where you're like i can see how that got to be. The foxglove story to keep children from touching them is a good example of that sort of thing
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