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Unhappy Empathy

I am a bit sceptical on psychic phenomenon but recently i've had one thrown in my face which i can't rely deny. I think i might be an empath but i don't really know whether i'm overreacting to small things or if do possess this ability. So can someone give me their opinion on it?

I tend to find normal people quite boring - what i mean by normal are people who have their lives together. So usually if i'm meeting new people, i will get along with people who have troubled backgrounds far better than those who don't even if i don't know if they have troubled backgrounds to begin with.

People in general find me very easy to talk to as i've been told by quite a few people lately. I personally am not a very warm person though, as i don't really express much emotion outwardly.

People tend to form attachments to me very quickly - so within a few weeks or even days of talking to me people start to see me as one of their closest friends.

I always seem to know the right things to say to people when they have emotional issues although i have to look at their problems from every perspective before coming to a conclusion of what they should do. I usually like to look at their problems from a more logical side opposed to giving and emotional response.

I can feel people's emotions when im around larger groups of people or talking one on one with someone - this feeling gets stronger if i'm drunk - one particular occasion a little while ago where me and a friend both were drinking and i could almost feel his pain screaming out to me (he hadn't led a very nice life up to that point).

I read body language very easily, and can pick up on the smallest things people do - which also gives away their emotional state.

I sometimes get overwhelmed by my own emotions for no reason, as if i've been holding something back and suddenly i'll feel really depressed for no reason.

I don't really know what to think right now as i've been reading various websites and stuff about the topic and i seem to fit into most of the categories as an empath but i would like to hear other people's views on it who know a lot more than me. This whole situation is getting a bit much and im not too sure what steps to take from here.
I mean like i said i'm a complete sceptic, as i'm a scientist at heart but i'm being open minded here as of course i don't know everything to do with the world!
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Default Re: Empathy

There are two kinds of empathy. One is a purely psychological response to subtle signs such as body language, tone of voice etc. Most people have this ability to some degree but in some it is very pronounced and in others it seems to be lacking.
The other form of empathy is the supernatural or psychic variety which is almost like a form of telepathy. Most people who have the psychic form of empathy also have the psychological variety; but it is not the same the other way round.
If you pick up people's emotions at random when you walk into a crowded room and if you feel overwhelmed or drained by that experience it may be a sign that you have the psychic form of empathy to some degree. It can be challenging and difficult to live with; but there are ways to cope and it can also be useful.
From what you have said I would imagine you have both types of empathy to some degree.
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Default Re: Empathy

I don't get overly drained in large crowds but i don't like being too close to other people who i don't know.
I do sometimes however walk down the street and look at people not knowing what it is, but they just give me a vibe that there's trouble in their past.
I also don't like being too far away from home, i find that quite draining - like if i stay at a friends house i get more and more frustrated with the people there and need to be quite solitary for a while.
What other things do you think i need to look out for to know if i do posses both forms of empathy?
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Default Re: Empathy

I think I might be an empath because I do sometimes get drained in public crowds, and drained by people (who I know personally) that technically live far away.
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