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Default Complacency in your practice

In just about every personal practice where I've spoken to the practitioner each has made mention of passing through a period of uncertainty. Those episodes many of us call "Dark night of the Soul" type scenarios I suppose. A period when the very vibrancy and I suppose fabric of our practice leaves us feeling empty or un-satisfied. Yet what of the other extreme?

If there are periods of uncertainty and loss then it seems we also have to experience periods of complacency in our practice. It's not the uncertainty period for we are certain of our beliefs, practices, ceremonies, rituals, etc that make up our (collective) practice. It still fills us with a sense of connection to the divine and a sense of reward. Yet it has become un-challenging to us and almost route in application.

For me I notice many times my spiritual life is sort of like a sign wave. I have highs where everything is charged and jumping. I have lows where it's almost a dark night of the soul or lessor periods where I question things but not to the extent of a dark night of the soul. Then there is the complacency periods. Those periods that tend to precede the highs and lows of the sign wave movement. A period where I am not climbing towards a high nor sliding towards a point of questioning. Simple a rest position as it were, almost a lull but not a lull for it is part and parcel of the cyclic nature of things.

Some might equate it to a rolling with the tide I suppose. Nothing really enlightening or challenging to push you into a drive to research or seek to move you forward.

So how do you address the complacency of or within your practice?
I'm Only Responsible For What I Say Not For What or How You Understand!
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

It seems it gets addressed by "Higher Self" (Deity) and in most frightening ways. Devi Bagala worked quite a number on me. I have no other alternative but to conclude that getting too lax for too long in my sadhana will lead to my untimely demise or worse. She makes it seem as such - even if it is not actually the case.
On the flipside, regular engagement of sadhana impels the total opposite impression of reality's "seems." Practice is now a win-win gig and not practicing is now a lose-lose. Complacency is a non-issue when your life seems on the line.
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

I get complacent at times. Everyone does over time. I've been practicing for about 30 years now, and staying motivated all the time is a consistent theme. It helps if you have a working partner, or a group/coven. You help inspire each other hopefully. Also knowing that the others may be depending on you, or the enjoyment of a night out with friends. But instead of drinking beer and playing cards--which is what most of us used to do--we discuss magic, practice divination, hand in homework, perform rituals and socialize over coffee afterwards.
I don't lose my faith as Abrahamic religious members sometimes do. I know that deities and spirits exist, after all I chat with them. Our gods and goddesses are here with us. Of course I might be crazy, but it would have to be a group madness if it were a delusion. I think that unlikely. It seems to be a better deal than the monotheists who read a 1700 year-old book about a deity who is distant and not really in the world.
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The Black Elf
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

I am A very lazy magician........recharging my batteries for round II
"Only one Force, Love, links and gives life to infinite worlds."-Giordano Bruno
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That which has never been lost cannot be hidden
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

Originally Posted by Nacken View Post
I get complacent at times. Everyone does over time. I've been practicing for about 30 years now, and staying motivated all the time is a consistent theme. ..
I think many pagan / occult practices experience cyclic periods of complacency due to the psychological and mental process to our respective practices. Figure many times they are based on some aspect of either direct observation of nature or analogous comparisons to some cyclic pattern. Figure that cyclic pattern can be celestial and in the heavens, seasonal by weather, fertility / fecundity by birth / death, developmental by stages of life and experiences.

Because we see highs, lows and slopes between them with rest periods they are not as traumatic to us as other spiritual practices.

But it does, well for me anyway, raise the question as to what clues or indicators we look for to move from our rest period.
I'm Only Responsible For What I Say Not For What or How You Understand!
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mr cheese
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

at the moment I am doing a lot of low intesity tarot work, meditating in certain pairs, certain patterns depending upon the tree of life. This is a lot less intense than inner journeying, although each card is being used as a telesmic image. Even if its only 5-10 minutes with a few cards, I feel I am accomplishing something. Myself, I have a tendency to over bombard myself, I get too excited about the new book I got cheaply, the new technique it teaches... that often I feel over whelmed wih "what should I do next?"

I am excited currently about using the energies I have built up from the "heavens" and the chthonic realms... which when combined allow for other forces and techniques. Though I doubt myself as to whether I have visited and mediated forces enough to allow this. So in the meanwhile I'm taking it relatively easy.

World events disgust me too much currently that I dont feel like any intense work is appropriate.
"But what, according to you, is a true philosopher?" he asked.

"He," I answered, "who loves to contemplate truth…who is able to arrive at whatever remains ever constant. He who is capable of seeing the Whole is a philosopher; he who is not, is not."

Plato (Republic, V, 475; VI, 481-485)

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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

I am back in Kyneton at the moment; at least for two weeks, and hopefully for longer.

I offered to Kali last night for the first time in probably three years. I think she was there to a degree, and I'm also reasonably sure I saw her after arriving here yesterday.

I will admit that during the last twelve months, my attitude towards her, and to a greater extent Yinepu, has been one of anger and resentment over my having been born on this planet, as well as a general refusal to participate in mainstream society. I am fairly desperate to mend fences with her at the moment though, if that is even possible, which I have been earnestly praying that it is. We will see.

I am not really suicidal any more, although I am realising that this is becoming a society which, more than anything else, is characterised by a fundamental lack of consent; which means that logically, suicide is the only means of saying no that I have. My brother Lachlan accidentally installed Windows 10 in my absence, and for someone who has used a computer for as long as I have, this operating system honestly feels like a continual act of psychological rape. I will never own a mobile phone, and the mobile interface makes me want to retch. In addition, the tracking and monitoring is everywhere, and Microsoft have tried to make disabling it as difficult as possible. Microsoft very clearly no longer want a person's computer to be their own.

I fundamentally refuse to accept the civilisation that I am living in. While I want to continue to live, I adamantly do not want to continue to live here. If I felt certain that the Afterlife existed, I can honestly say at this point that I would not still be here.
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Windsmith bat Gaia
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Default Re: Complacency in your practice

I deal with cyclical depression and anxiety. When I'm in one of the "down" phases of the cycle, my spiritual practice is one of the first things to suffer. If anything good comes out of the experience, it's that as I then move out of that down phase, I get to/have to reexamine my practice and rebuild it piece by piece.

For me, personally, repetition is a huge factor in complacency. The constant, rote repetition of prayers and hymns frustrated me hugely about the Christianity of my youth, and yet it's so easy to fall into those same habits in my Paganism. So, as much as I struggle through that "dark night of the soul" that comes before, I relish the opportunity to examine everything I do in my practice and decide whether it feeds me spiritually anymore. Sometimes a practice just needs minor tweaks to feel relevant again. But anything that no longer serves goes--sometimes replaced with another specific practice, sometimes leaving an empty space to grow whatever "wild" spirituality is out there.
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