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View Poll Results: Wiccans only! Do you practice in a Coven or Solitary?
Coven 1 2.38%
Solitary 12 28.57%
Both/either, depending on the situation. 13 30.95%
I am not Wiccan but I wanted to click something. 16 38.10%
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I enjoy being Solitary, because I feel like I can direct my own path. I am my own Priestess, and I control who's, whens, and wheres of how I do stuff. I do work with my husband sometimes, especially if I need a little extra energy in ritual/spell work - adding his energy usually helps. I do like networking with others of like mind, especially those of different traditions/religions to gain new ideas/ways of practice.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I've always practiced solitary. That's what initially drew me into Wicca, among other things, that I could do rituals by myself. At the time when I first started practicing, I was incredibly socially avoidant, so it worked well.

I'm much better now and I wouldn't mind working with a group of other like minded individuals. I'm not sure if a coven is for me, but I'd definitely love to experience group rituals!
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

Being that you live in Canada (you don't say what part) you might be able to go to public rituals held by the Wiccan Church of Canada, or just to festivals or Pagan Pride Day celebrations. Around here, the local Meet 'n Greet group often held its own rituals too. It might give you a better feel for group rituals.
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Default Re: Coven or Solitary?

I'm with Nacken on that. The experience is very different and open rituals, whilst somewhat different from working with a dedicated coven, will give you a good idea whether it's worth seeking out a coven, whether you never want to do it again, or whether you might just go to some more open rituals.

If you decide it is for you, open rituals are, in my experience, a better way of finding a group to work with regularly than answering adverts in the local pagan shop. WitchVox is apparently a good way of finding where the rituals are, though I've not used it (for that) myself.

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