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Default Re: Witch bottle

Well you could of course use a combo of runes too to actually reflect spells and energy and use it inside the bottle.

As for your original question Raven. I do think it sounds logical and magic should mostly be practical. Makes sense to protect the family from sharp items and having magical protection at the same time
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I tend to disagree with the notion that it was to keep sharp objects away from little hands and feet. Especially since one of the componets was some sort of bodily fluid. Most I am aware of used urine though some did use blood.

It is sort of funny though as I have heard of them being burried on a corner of the home to protect. Yet I've also heard of them being hung in a corner or hidden inside of walls at the corner to protect the home.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I have a witch bottle by my back door. It's full of broken glass, nails, tacks, paint shards and my urine. It's my house protection.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I was given a tiny witch bottle years ago by someone...made by a cornish witch...It was only 2cm long and was packed with moss and tiny bits of crystal and herbs,..I loved it and had it tucked away in a corner.
I recently passed it on to a friend of mine as I thought she had need of it.i checked its energy first and there was no negativity so maybe whatever they draw in can just be zapped and transmuted rather than hang around.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I have also heard that witches bottles can be used in curses, where they are buried or hidden on the property of the person the curse is directed at, usually with the head of the bottle pointing downwards. They have found this kind of witch bottle around areas of England, I believe.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I used the concept of a witches bottle to create a protections spell for a friend's grandfather. We made four bottles, each was elementally charged, then we buried them at the four corners around his home. Then we worked a spell to make them form the four posts of an energy fortress to keep out negativity from a weird opportunistic entity that lives in the woods across the street from her grandfathers home and some not so wonderful family members.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I'll have to look up what I put in mine, I wrote it down but dont have it with me off top of my head. however, the only actual objects I put in there was two safety pins.

This is something that I did with my kids so I didnt want to put glass or rusty nails in it, lol. I think it was salt and parsley we put in it....

Anyways, we filled it up, sealed it with wax, shook it and put it on the very top of the cabinet by the door.

The point is to draw in negative energies and dispel them/drive them out of the home.
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Default Re: Witch bottle

I've made one before. As I recall there were nails, blood and glass. And then of course sealed it with red wax and burried it in a corner of the yard. In the garden actually but at the time it was near enough to the house for it to work out fine.
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