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Hearthcraft and Hedgewitchery Working with the magic and spirit of hearth, home, kith and kin..creating a magical sanctuary, including kitchenwitchery and garden magic

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Default How do you apply magic?

How do you use your energy/apply magic as a hearthwitch or hedgewitch? What do you use it for?

I've spoken in other threads about my interests in energy focus. I apply energies in many ways. It might be viewed as unnecessary by some but I put intent into everything from feeding the birds in my garden to making dinner for friends. It's not time consuming or tiring. It's very natural. I don't want to do anything unless I can do my best. I believe that everything is worth doing well in my home because I love it so I try my best. Being a witch that includes intent and focus of words, thoughts and actions. I really do believe it makes a difference.

I also carry out cleansing and banishing rituals as a matter of course. To me this is as important as the practical everyday aspects of keeping a home clean and comfortable. I clean, nourish and care for both physically and spiritually.

everything happens for a reason

everything happens for a reason

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Default Re: How do you apply magic?

I think that is a lovely idea, Nesta. I put intent into cleaning, cooking, watering the plants... but never thought to continue that onto "smaller" tasks like feeling the birds or anything.

At the moment I try my best to work my craft best I can, but in this sharehouse situation it is severely stumped. Most of my workings are done in my room when cleaning, or in the kitchen when cooking, or out on the patio when I spend time with my seedlings. What I do is silent and private, though the rest of the house does think I'm a little cookey still.

I magically protect my room/house with witchbottles, runes and charms. I charge my food with health and vitality for any who partake in it. I sing and whisper to my seedling to grow tall and strong as I water them (I also will gift them with some of my personal energy).

All these things I feel make a difference in my home life, because the times when I have been lacking within this share house situation, I have felt the difference. There is a lot of energetic head-butting in this house and my sister (on of the occupants) has the ability to suck the air out of a room and cause everyone to vacate when she is less than happy, which unfortunately is a lot of the time. She is a very powerful projector and it's often hard to deal with.

But I do my best. When I have the house to myself (rare, but it does happen) I will go through and cleanse the air of any residual ill-feelings and the whole place will be a much nicer place to live.
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Default Re: How do you apply magic?

I agree living forcefully WITH intent is the very basis of magical work for me.
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