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Default Re: Ritual Bath herbs/salts/preparations

Glorious Goldenrod! I love this plant and have bunches growing here!

I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. ~ Hermann Hesse, Demian

"Remember these moments always, but do not ignore the sad times, either. Memory is the greatest of gifts."
Spoken by Aditu, a Sithi (an Elf)
from "To Green Angel Tower II"
by Tad Williams
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Default Re: Ritual Bath herbs/salts/preparations

Originally Posted by feranaja View Post
Oh Fethenwen - Solidago is superb for muscular pains. I hope to blog about this soon. many things you can use (and I have poplar in just about every muscle salve I make) but there's more to herbal pain relief than arnica. Solidago(there are many species) is a very underused plant medicine, but incredibly useful.

Henriette may have written about this - I don't know where I first learned it, but I harvest copiously every late summer. I'll see what I can turn up as i don't have time to write a full monograph myself today.

I just walked out in my yard(heaven on earth) to feed *my*squirrel, and the scent of balsam polar was almost overwhelming. Seriously one of the most beautiful things on earth - standing in a circle of green, sunrise on the dew, inhaling such beauty. Don't forget your poplar oil in the spring, I only got a pint this last season!
Awesome! Yes, I would love to read your blog post about it.

Goldenrod seems to be quite a common plant here too, I will definitely get acquainted with it this summer.

It's funny how spring hits you every year, I never get used to it. It is just so overwhelmingly lovely Suddenly everything just starts to turn green, and the wind is getting warm and pleasant.

Edit: ^ Seeker - great article.
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