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pomba gira
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Default Belline/Eltynne

Long years ago, I remember looking at the advertising card that came with my Grimaud TdM, that listed the Oracle Belline along with the Grand Jeu Lenormand and other decks I had no way of seeing or purchasing pre-internet. It was all very mysterious.

Flash forward, I saw the Belline images online. They had that early 60's slap-dash doodle vibe, and I was busy learning other things, so I didn't bother.

Later still, I was told that the Belline was all messed up, and that someone called Medlindaf had done fifteen years of research (actually it was only five) and corrected all the mistakes that Belline had made with the original writings of Mage Edmond. Medlindaf had made a corrected version of the Belline called the Tarot d'Eltynne but the images looked modern to me, too generic manga-ish, so I passed it up.

Last week I was killing time on ebay, and the Belline popped up. After decades, it finally grabbed me.

One of the things I heard was wrong with the Belline is that the eagle and toad card, Maladie, was actually intended by Mage Edmond to be a vulture and salamander. But the Belline image actually DOES look much more like a vulture and salamander than and eagle and toad:

I think the Belline has been the victim of much Eltynne hyping. Of course, if you prefer the Eltynne, that one will work, too. It really is a matter of personal taste here. But I'm very much looking forward to the postman bringing me a parcel from France containing a gold-stamped faux-alligator black box containing the famous Belline.

There are some cards similar to Lenormand cards, like the Key, but the meanings are different. There is a tower card, for instance, but the meaning is neither Lenormand's borders, boundaries and isolation, nor the Tarot Tower's destruction. It simply means "home", a fortress from the world at large

There are almost no english resources, but many, many things in French just waiting to be fed into google translate. And there is Medlindaf's information here http://mandefield.free.fr/eltynne_en...ynne/index.htm

I'm really looking forward to the Belline. It's been a long time since I explored anything that was new to me.
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pomba gira
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Default Re: Belline/Eltynne

It arrived yesterday, and it's everything I look for in a deck: incisive, blunt, and to the point. The verdict is in: I love this thing.
The LWB is good, the meanings and combo examples make sense. I went through the deck and the meanings and did my first draw, just a Line of Three to start. The situation I was asking about concerns my job - they hired a woman with some kind of severe brain trauma, which would be OK, I could accomodate that but for the fact that she's pure hostility, spite and malice. All she does is report the rest of us for things that never happened and try to spread lies. I typed up a paper last week detailing the problems she's been causing and sent it to the relevant higher-ups. I asked if anything would come of it - too often they just ignore things.
This looks like my letter set off a new (natal horoscope) process (crossed swords) and they will be calling me in (amphora/table) to discuss the issue. <3 Belline.
I'm going to try some traditional Belline spreads and put this deck in my heavy rotation box.

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