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Dark Green Atheist
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Default Re: What are you listening to?

Noah Gundersen: Fire

"The gulls gave me my singing voice". Great line.
If my decomposing carcass helps nourish the roots of a juniper tree or the wings of a vulture - that's immortality enough for me.
And as much as anyone deserves.
- Edward Abbey -
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Default Re: What are you listening to?

Listening to nothing. It seems music is becoming the past with me.
"The white, twisted clouds and the endless shades of blue in the ocean, make the hum of the spacecraft systems, the radio chatter, even your own breathing disappear. There is no wind or cold or snow to tell you that you are connected to Earth. You have an almost dispassionate - remote, Olympian - and yet so moving that you can hardly believe how emotionally attached you are to those rough patterns shifting steadily below."
Thomas Stafford, American astronaut
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Default Re: What are you listening to?

Been listening to a lot of the P!nk station on pandora, and also ff7 and ff8 soundtracks again.

Eat early, then eat pizza rolls when at home.
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