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Default Re: Gendering the Youth Part 2

Originally Posted by PrincessKLS View Post
Oh I wasn't saying that you personally were responsible for saying that people who fit the models are bad. I was just thinking ahead into the future if gender bending become like not just a subculture (like it is now) but completely weaved into the culture like the constructed models are. Kind of like a future where everyone gender bends except for a few minorities.
perhaps there is something wrong with me, but I fail to understand your point. if finding your own way becomes the norm, and all ways are accepted. then it doesn't matter if the way one person chooses happens to match current models
or victorian models, or something we've not even thought of yet.. it wouldn't make any difference.

Originally Posted by Cassie View Post
I don't think "gender" is the same as "sexuality" or "sexual preference".

Personally I think physical gender is determined by biology and genetics. Of course sometimes biology and genetics produce a person who is not 100% one gender or the other and then the next aspect comes into play...

I think gender roles are social constructs which vary from one society to another. This means that a large part of gender identity can be learned or even chosen.

Sexual preference is something else again which does not depend on gender.
gender role, and gender identity are seperate things. I'll use myself as an example, my gender identity is clear and unambiguous, I am female gendered, that was clear to me, even when I was doing my best to act out a male gender role and presentation.
that didn't work out very well for me, and I was absolutely miserable with being read as male all the time. I am much happier now, rather tomboyish in some aspects, and definitely not fem. though presenting as female, and not living in a traditional female role either, given that i am studying engineering.

from this experience, I would argue that identity is somehow essential, and distinct from role and presentation.
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