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Default Re: for petrus, and anyone else struggling with aging and mortality

Originally Posted by petrus4 View Post

You recently lost a 30 year long friendship because of the gay movement, Fera. That's what the gay movement, and literally every other movement of its' kind does; and it's pretty much all they do. They don't make the world a better place. They just encourage a permanent state of rage, and cause everyone to continually cut pieces out of each other. Leftist groups talk constantly about unity, but they never produce anything other than exactly the opposite.

I want nothing further to do with any such group.
I take umbrage to this. Were it not for the "angry" gay activists of past generations who had the courage to be out, neither I nor the many thousands of LGBT people would have the freedoms they enjoy today. There was a time in our history when gay men were not even allowed to dance together or hold hands in a bar; many went with lesbian friends as their 'dates' to avoid arrest. The Stonewall riot changed that.

I still remember what it was like as a teen in the early '80s, having to sneak off to go to the gay youth support group. Now it's grown and they no longer have to meet in secret. Local police also harassed my trans teacher.

Trans people are being killed or beaten every day. Gay kids are effing KILLING THEMSELVES more often than straight kids. And it is still legal in some states to perform so-called 'conversion therapy' (ie, torture) on gay youth. They have no legal rights in the matter. Many adults are unaware that there is an underground "railroad" of sorts to rescue them, and the stories the people who escape tell are not pretty. LGBT people have EVERY right to be angry.

Things are improving (albeit slowly). So, yes--the gay "movement" if you want to call it that HAS and still IS working to make the world a better place. And it has and is continuing to create unity in the LGBT community and with non-LGBT people.
"So much time is wasted by people hoping to find the sublime amongst the ridiculous."--Sybil Leek, A Shop in the High Street

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