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Tarot For all aspects of Tarot study and practise, including, but not limited to divination

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Default Year-Long Tarot Study Adventure

So, my wife is an intuitive reader with an interest in learning more of the traditional Tarot meanings. I'm a more traditional reader who wanted to learn to trust my intuition more.

Enter: our yearlong Tarot study.

Each week we study one minor, and every other week we also study one major. We get that card out from all of our active decks (currently 7). We line them up and talk about similarities and differences, and what sort of sense we get from the imagery. Then we look up traditional meanings at Learning the Tarot and the Golden Thread Tarot app. We talk about what in each traditional interpretation does and doesn't work for us, how the more challenging aspects might be useful anyway, and what visual cues in the card imagery can help us remember those interpretations if we need them in a reading.

We started with Discs at Samhain, and at this point we're well into Wands (though we're a bit behind because we were recovering from Witch Plague 2k17). It's been a blast so far. Comparing and contrasting multiple decks really helps us go deeper on the meanings, and we've had all sorts of great insights (when we're done with this go-round, we may go back through and look at the minors and courts again by number: all the fours, all the Knights, etc.). We're learning things about what each of us does and doesn't like in decks and even realizing that some decks we've had for years don't actually work for us anymore (if they ever did). Plus, you know, doing "witch stuff" together is just plain fun.

What other kind of Tarot study, especially with other people, have folks done? Self-directed rambles or more structured courses of study? Besides readings, how do you keep your Tarot skills sharp?
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