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Default The Whole World Is Christian

What if the whole world is only Christian? There's only one single religion that people will only follow. There won't be no other religion to follow. There won't be no homosexuality. There won't be any gay marriage. There won't be any witchcraft and magic. People will follow the life of Jesus Christ and Christianity. How will you survive this Christian world?
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Default Re: The Whole World Is Christian

I hate to tell you this, but, homosexuals would still exist regardless of whether the "whole world was Christian" (and by Christian, what do you mean - there are many many varieties and traditions of Christianity, not on one).

I suspect that if the whole world was dominated by "fundamentalist Christianity", practitioners of magic, witches and other religious minorities like Jews would just go underground pretty much like what's happened in centuries past.
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Default Re: The Whole World Is Christian

There will ALWAYS be people who won't follow the flow. If we look to history as any indication, that's a fact. There will always be highly intelligent people who evolve from such strict societies.

Galileo was branded a heretic for his beliefs. He had to recant them to spare his life; Copernicus published his works on his deathbed for fear of being branded a heretic, but they're were still some pretty brave people who followed up on the groundwork they laid (which was also very brave of them). Underneath some of those famous ancient guys the Occult was very present. There have always been people who practice magic, who break the rules, etc.

I know I'd be one of them.
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Default Re: The Whole World Is Christian

Being raised Free Kirk (of Scotland), I essentially grew up in a world that was wholly Christian. The family were, at that time, very seriously Free Kirk. I survived. To this day I hate 'Pilgrim's Progress', which was the only 'suitable' Sunday reading other than the New Testament of the Bible. I'd 'go for a walk' after church and read Dickens at a friend's house. When I could pass for old enough, I'd sing in the local bars for beer and pin money. If mum noticed, she didn't say anything.

In retrospect, it didn't stop homosexuality, fornication or adultery, nor did it stop religious arguments - it was just that since there weren't 'furrin' religions to pick on, the target was mainly the Catholics, who were in fact seen as 'pagan', at least by the church elders. Now, as a Wiccan, my upbringing has made me extremely tolerant of all the religions in my city. If Wicca suddenly became illegal, it wouldn't change my beliefs one iota.

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