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Default Jehovah Witness

I really don't understand with this religion. Jehovah Witnesses don't celebrated any holidays and birthdays. They can't get trans-fusion with their blood. It kind of sad that they can't do any fun stuff just like anybody else in the world. I'll never want to join this type of religion if I was the last person on earth.
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Default Re: Jehovah Witness

Here's what they say about the blood transfusion issue.

I can answer your question about the holiday thing. I've studied a fair number of religions including numerous sects of Christianity, plus I had a friend that lived near my grandma with whom I used to play during the summer who was a Jehovah's Witness; and I've been to Kingdom Hall (aka Church) twice w/her. They believe all holidays have Pagan roots, including birthdays, which is why they don't celebrate them either.

I know it def seems like it sucks for them, but I'm sure they'd have a very hard time understanding why I don't believe in any specific religion; and I'm sure they'd be terrified and scared for me just knowing that I'm a witch. Trying to understand others' cultures, religious beliefs, etc. (within reason of course) is one way to help bridge the gap and not be so polarizing. You know what I mean?

Oh and JW are Christians btw.
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