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Default "In The Garden": An Article on the Bible Misunderstanding

So, years ago (almost a decade) I stumbled across a website and read an article that reduced me to tears. It took the common understanding of the Gospel and proceeded to say that the CUG was COMPLETELY wrong.

Anyways, I found it again yay! http://yhwh.com/in-the-garden.html

I'm no longer Christian, but I do have a deep respect and love for Jesus and his father, and still research them. This article is one of the best, to me, showcasing the love and wisdom that can be found in the Bible.

The First Garden
We have misunderstood the Gospel of Christ.
The authors know how that sounds. Controversial. Sacrilegious. Cultic. Heretical.

It is nevertheless the truth. The purpose of this writing is to express as

clearly as we can the root and flower of this misunderstanding, and to succinctly explain the true meaning of the Gospel. It will then be left to the thoughtful reader to come to his or her own conclusions. As an overview, we will state simply that the good news is much better than we have realized; much better than most of uscan even imagine
It's a bit long, but very good.

The layout of the site is different, but I believe it was this same author(s?) who wrote about Jesus and Tarot. If I can find it I'll post.

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