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Interspecies Communication verbal non verbal, telepathic - listening to animal whispers, the sound of the voiceless in our world

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Default Western black rhino officially devlared extincy :(

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Default Re: Western black rhino officially devlared extincy :(

I heard. That is a whole new level of suck.

In related news, the Tasmanian Tiger isn't anymore. I hear they found a breeding population in the wild.

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Default Re: Western black rhino officially devlared extincy :(

Am I the only one who has to resist the urge, to go outside the front of my house, and throw myself in front of the next oncoming semi trailer, in response to articles like these?

That is the reason why I really have to avoid stories about animal extinction in particular; they cause suicide to begin to look a lot more appealing.

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Default Re: Western black rhino officially devlared extincy :(

Whenever a species becomes extinct, the reaction of some people is "so what? What use is the _____ anyway?" Apart from the intrinsic value of any species, there is also the ecological value of the species to consider.

So what has been lost with the demise of the Western black rhino?

Rhinos are heavy browsers that hinder woody plants from dominating their habitat, allowing grasses to grow which provide food for many other animals on the grassy plains.

Young rhinos are part of the food chain, occasionally prey items for large carnivores such as lions and hyenas.

They form symbiotic relationships with other species:
The cattle Egret eats the insects stirred up by rhino as it walks.
The fork-tailed drongo sits on branches near the rhino, eating insects that are attracted to it.
Red-billed Oxpecker climbs onto the rhino and plucks off insects from its skin, ears and nostrils.



So, because of some limp-dicked individuals hankering after rhino horn handles for their ceremonial daggers, the Earth has lost another strand in the web.
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