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Default Praise to Your Akhu (GS)

Blessings to all who seek to sing songs of praise to their akhu.

The akhu are our "blessed dead", our ancestors and our family who have gone on before. Akhu stretch back for hundreds, thousands of years and to the dawn of humanity on our planet. You may choose to remember one in specific or all of your akhu here. They have gone on before us, and their presence and wisdom shall not be forgotten.

They can help us remember the lessons of others, both learned as first and second hand. They can give us the strength to continue as they did, through times that are tough and times that are prosperous. They can share their wisdom, if we have ears to hear it and eyes to see it.

Praise your akhu! Sing of your akhu!

Ankh, udja, seneb.

*Author's note: While the word akhu is an Egyptian word, if you don't have Egyptian leanings, that is ok! You can still use this thread to remember the friends, family members, and teachers who have gone on before us.
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Default Re: Praise to Your Akhu (GS)

Beautiful - this Samhain, I raise a toast to my ancestors who lie buried so nearby, who came to this part of the world and worked the land, and who gave to me my deep love of the forest and hills, river and stream.

And to the spirit of my brother John, who walks with me always, who shared my laughter and my tears as no one else could..

And to the great herbal teachers throughout the ages, who kept the wisdom, and passed it along in word and deed. To the memory of two of the greats of our times, Michael Moore and Cascade Anderson Geller, both of whom we lost so recently. To all the plant healers who are as much my ancestors as any blood.

I open my heart to your teachings, every day, in gratitude and in love.
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Default Re: Praise to Your Akhu (GS)

My maternal grandparents visited me while I was in Nimbin, once. They were both deceased at that point; my grandfather having passed only a year or so before. I have been told that my maternal grandmother is one of my spirit guides, as well.

My paternal grandfather has looked in on me from time to time, as well; as has one of my maternal aunts, and her husband, my uncle.

I have had more people die than I am comfortable with, in truth. I do not really like death. I can only hope that I will eventually regain more permanent contact with them, when I die myself.
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Default Re: Praise to Your Akhu (GS)

I like this idea.

This season always makes me think of my grandfather, who's passing started me on my spiritual path. I didn't know him well, as he was fading already when I was very young, I've interacted with him more since he died than I did before, but he has been one of many guiding forces in my life.

May you find what you seek,
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