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Minerals and Stones Metaphysical properties and uses of minerals, stones, gemstones and crystals

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Default Jade

I keep various stones around the house and they're all said to be good for one thing or another, but I stopped buying all different ones when I really researched jade and found out what it was all about.

Jade does a LOT - health, prosperity, luck, protection. Google "jade bangle benefits".

Get yourself an untreated jadeite or nephrite bangle (or two or three ) that fits close and is a little hard to put on. Get it on your wrist and just leave it there.

I've been wearing mine since 2013 and they really has helped things along.

I still keep other ones: moss agate runes, smokey quarts crystal ball, moon quartz palmstone. Some others. But jade is all I need to wear.

I'm not saying jade is inherently better, though. The thing is, I read a lot of stuff, and the takeaway was essentially "You have to be serious about your jade. You have to keep it on."

When I was doing "a stone for this, a stone for that", I would switch them up. One day I might feel a little paranoid and stick some tiger eye in my pocket, the next day I might want people to be nicer so I carried rose quartz, things like that. With the jade, I have good sized pieces, not little tumbled stones, and they're on me all the time. So that might be what makes the difference. I don't know, it's subjective and debatable. What I do know is that things have been better since I started wearing these.

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