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Vibrational Medicine Healing with crystals, flower essences, colour , scent, touch and sound

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Default Days of the Week

This is also from my Grimoire. I do not remember where I found this
I actually bought different colored scrubs to wear at the office to correspond.

Day of the Week: Sunday

Correspondences : The Sun
Color: Gold, Deep Yellow, Orange
Gemstone/Mineral: Diamond, Amber, Gold
Flower/Herb: Juniper, Marigold, Saffron
Tree: Walnut
Animal/Bird: Lion, Hawk
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Type of working to do on this day: Strength, Determination, Vitality,
Self-Expression, Arts, Banking, Corporate Bodies, Fame, Fatherhood,
Government Office, Health, Honor, Esteem, Influence, Leadership,

Day of the Week: Monday

Correspondences:The Moon
Color: Silver, Pastels
Gemstone/Mineral: Silver, Moonstone, Pearl
Flower/Herb: Convolvulus, Watercress
Tree: Willow, Hawthorn, Birch
Animal/Bird: Crab, Owl
Element: Water
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Type of working to do on this day: Emotions, Inspiration, Instinct,
Sensitivity, Introspection, Isolation, Karma, Morality, Social Welfare,
Women, Family, Home and Hearth, the Garden, Prophetic Dreams,
Psychic Ability

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Correspondences: Mars
Color: Strong Reds, Autumnal Shades
Gemstone/Mineral: Iron, Steel, Ruby, Bloodstone
Flower/Herb: Nasturtium, Nettle, Heather
Tree: Mahogany
Animal/Bird: Tiger, Falcon
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Aries and Scorpio
Type of working to do on this dayCompetition, Confrontation,
Determination, Focus, Masculinity, Courage, Forcefulness, Physical
Endurance, Lust

Day of the Week:Wednesday

Correspondences: Mercury
Color:Sharp Yellow, Mixed Hues
Gemstone/Mineral: Zinc, Citrine, Agates
Flower/Herb: Forsythia, Bittersweet, Fern
Tree: Hazel, Beech
Animal/Bird: Monkey, Magpie
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Gemini and Virgo
Type of working to do on this dayCommunication, Healing, Hyper-
activity, the Intellect, Shrewdness, Versatility, Invention, Travel,
Language, Learning, Publishing, Anything involving writers, poets,
actors, teachers, and students, Self Improvment

Day of the Week: Thursday

Color: Purple, Deep Blue, Indigo
Gemstone/Mineral: Amethyst
Flower/Herb: Sweet William, Sage
Tree: Cedar, Ash, Oak
Animal/Bird: Horse, Eagle
Element: Fire
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius and Pisces
Type of working to do on this dayWork involving Material Gain,
General Success, Accomplishments, Honors, Awards, Legal Issues,
Luck, Gambling, Prosperity, Charity, Good Judgment, Friendship

Day of the Week: Friday

Correspondences: Venus
Color: Light Blue, Green, Pink
Gemstone/Mineral: Copper, Bronze, Jade, Lapis Lazuli
Flower/Herb: Rose, Carnation, Peach, Pear
Tree: Sycamore
Animal/Bird: Cat, Dove
Element: Air
Zodiac Sign: Taurus and Libra
Type of working to do on this dayHarmony, Love, Growth and
Development, Marriage, Affections, Dance and Music, Femininity,
Materialism, Relationships, Sexuality, Union, Luxury

Day of the Week: Saturday

Correspondences: Saturn
Color: Black, Dark Shades
Gemstone/Mineral: Jet, Onyx, Lead
Flower/Herb:L Fushia, Thrift, Yew
Tree: Cypress, Ebony
Animal/Bird: Goat, Vulture
Element: Earth
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn and Aquarius
Type of working to do on this dayKarmic Lessons, Reincarnation,
Mysteries, Wisdom, Binding, Breaking Habits, Eradication of pests
and disease, Concentration, Conversation, Destiny, Experience,
~ One by one, we will step into the center of the circle. We will hear our names chanted, feel the cone rise around us. We will receive the gift, and remember: I am Goddess..
You are God, Goddess. All that lives, breathes, loves, sings in the unending harmony of being is divine.

~ The reason nothing can truly ever make sense is that it is all fluid. ~
~ To manifest abundance, follow your hearts desire ~

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Default Re: Days of the Week

Very cool, and useful! thank you for posting this!
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