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Vibrational Medicine Healing with crystals, flower essences, colour , scent, touch and sound

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Default The Memory Sequences

The memory sequences will be a serial of threads about the underlying significance of the tools we use in vibrational medicine. They are, for the most part, incomplete works of mine that I have based around my own study of the subject. It is my wish to share what I have with you and have you share whatever comes to mind through PM, visitor messages or through replies in the threads themselves. This is, hopefully, an interactive attempt to build up awareness of our psyche and how our psyche relates to our physical body and our direct environment.

The memory sequences themselves are about personal growth. There are questions at the end of every thread that will make it very clear why their working title is related to memory. It is a very practical approach that does not necessarily require lengthy and detailed replies. What matters, ultimately, is what you take away from it and how it makes you feel in yourself. It is also not necessary to work through these threads in sequence or to work through them at a rapid pace. They are what they are, which is that they are here, and they will remain so regardless of how much time you take with them.

Any questions and critical notes are most welcome, which is why this thread will remain open. I will add the links to every sequence in this opening post. I hope they will be to your enjoyment.

The Memory Sequence of Sound
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