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Wicca 101 A 6 to 8 week course covering basic topics about what the religion of Wicca is and how you can explore it further.

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Ben Gruagach

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Default Re: 2D. Your thoughts on the core of Wicca?

Originally Posted by the seeker View Post
First, I want to thank you for your patience with me and my ignorance.

Second, I want to thank you for a great laugh or ten from the above explanation at a time when laughs are deeply needed. I realize humor wasn't the intent here, but really...in the '70's social environment PLUS the American spirit of freedom????
According to Isaac Bonewits' account of the Lady Sheba "Witch Queen of the Americas" incident, laughter is the response the rest of the witches present gave. So you'd have fit in perfectly if you'd been there!

The Goddess says in "The Charge" that all acts of love and pleasure are my rituals so you could say laughter is not only welcomed among Wiccans but expected.
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Lightbulb Re: 2D. Your thoughts on the core of Wicca?

I was intrigued by the passage indicating to make the spells work or be stronger, that they should rhyme. I have a true aversion to poetry that rhymes. Day to day stuff. It makes sense for songs to rhyme. So maybe songs have a truer connection to spells than the written word, though that should seem obvious. Somehow I feel like when I write poems, that the meaning is less severe if it rhymes. However, if I were to try to cast a spell, rhyming would make the flow of word have a rhythmic pulse. I would think it would amplify the energy?
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Default Re: 2D. Your thoughts on the core of Wicca?

At risk of thread necrophilia, I just remembered this whilst looking for something else. It reminds me of the late Terry Pratchett' suggestion that

'spells only rhyme so that witches can remember them'.

There's a certain truth to that, in that:

While we were apart for long periods, I wrote a verse version of our 'sacred marriage' meditation, because my wife was having problems with the prose version over the 'phone. but:

Actually it's not as good. Not as powerful. But it works over the 'phone, which the other does not, because the rhymes mark the entry points better.

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The Troll
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Default Re: 2D. Your thoughts on the core of Wicca?

Does it help witches to have their cans hanging out?
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