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Default sprite?

We have had some strange goings on. I keep seeing a tiny creature, it's about the size of my very small 3 year old, but it's most certainly not her. (I have 3 small kids) I'll see it run by me, it's body, but not it's face. It'll run past a door way, or I'll feel something watching me and I'll look up and something runs away past a door. It is very playful, we have fake snow on our windows and we are finding random letters each day. X, j, t. No one is coping to it, and I haven't caught anyone. It's on the upper window, so it would only be possible to be my 7 year old and he would need to stand on something. It's not scary, or negative. I just don't know what it is. I don't feel it's a ghost. We had some elderly people die in this house before we bought it, and we sometimes get the feeling the man is around, we will smell smoke but it has no source and we know that man smoked. This is totally different. When I see this little bugger my cats will be more active at night, and I will have this weird energy and trouble sleeping. The kids will be harder to get to sleep, they say they see something in their rooms. They aren't "scared", more uncomfortable is the only way to explain it.

I used to have a recurring dream when I was a very young child into my teenage years. It was the same dream, even time, I was a tiny creature, a fairy is what I thought, and I would be dying, chased by large boots and I would wake up sobbing because I was so sad to leave my family. So my curiosity is perked a bit now with this thing, could it be a fairy? Or something similar? My father has always claimed to see faeries on the land I was born on, he's seen them multiple times. Does this sound like something like that, and advice on what to do of anything?
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Default Re: sprite?

I have seen something similar, recently...nothing as detailed as you tho. But something dashing from our christmas tree to the fire place, out of the corner of my eye. I have not seen it since, although we have been out of town and busy with company. A teacher of mine called them the little people, I would call them faeries or perhaps gnomes.
Yours seems more playful and a bit bigger.
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