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Herbalism Traditional and/or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts

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Default Re: Herbal Honeys

We have a bee keeper who keeps some hives on the land here up the mountain, so we get given heather honey, I added some orange and Lemon rind to this and man that was YUMMM. Its also great when you have a cold.

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Default Re: Herbal Honeys

Elderberry and angelica root honeys. I'm feeling like I need some sweetness with all.this.snow.....
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Default Re: Herbal Honeys

(Debatable as to whether this counts as an herbal honey, but...) The spousal unit and I once did a garlic honey that was so damned good. No idea why we haven't done it again--oh, no, wait; a roughly two-year run of severe depression. That'll do it. Hmmm. Now that the fog is lifting, maybe it's time to try it again.
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