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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

Okay I guess saying I hate women is a bit too strong, I've had some good experiences with my gender but it has been difficult with some of the women in my immediate family.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

The short answer is, no I don't hate my own gender. Actually apart from the obvious physical differences I don't think the sexes are as different as some people think. There are some psychological differences but I think when it comes to being nice or being mean, women are no better or worse than men.
PrincessKLS However, I sometimes feel when women communicate with each other, we get really catty and put each other down.
I think women tend to be a bit more verbal generally than men and show this in the way they express their aggression or disapproval. But I have known quite a few men who can be very "catty" too.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I do not hate my own gender nor its opposite or even the midway difference. I do think the two have vastly different means of showing thier displeasure with each other. Men tend to be more neanderthal knuckle draggers beating on their chest and posturing while women seem to be more manipulative and coneiving. Well that and bringing their friends into the fray to settle a score.

I've seen men gang up when territory is threatened and such but more so women when they think their man is being taken or soem female says something wrong to them. It quickly turns into a gang fight.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I dislike the majority of both equally.


"My political opinions lean more and more to Anarchy (philosophically understood, meaning abolition of control not whiskered men with bombs)—or to 'unconstitutional' Monarchy"
~ J.R.R.Tolkien.


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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I don't hate other women, or men, just for being a certain gender. I don't see why people have to hate others for traits like gender, race, sexuality, nationality etc and hating your own group seems to be nothing more than causing even more division than already existed.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I know I've already answered this thread, but...

It's funny. I was remembering how in Nimbin, just the other day, I was thinking about how much I appreciate women, despite the amount that it has sounded like the contrary here, at times. I had some very positive experiences with several while I was at the backpacker hostel, (which I'm no longer living at) which were extremely necessary and very beneficial, after some of the stuff I had happen when I was younger.

In theistic terms, I no longer believe that Aphrodite personally hates me any more, but sex is still an extremely problematic and awkward part of my life. I can at times masturbate twice a day, but I've had premature ejaculation problems ever since puberty, (which said masturbation probably causes) and I've read that according to traditional Chinese medicine, a single kidney basically means that for me, being sexually active at all, will lead directly to premature death. I do still believe strongly that on an individual basis, I am karmically prohibited from being sexually active, and my natal chart tends to confirm that idea. Being autistic, there is also a certain amount of eugenicist psychological baggage present in my own case, as well; basically the idea that I have a moral responsibility to avoid reproducing.

So yeah; Aphrodite's two main correspondences (sex and money) are still the two main areas where I have residual psychopathology. As I said to someone else only a few minutes ago, my body is also an area where I have virtually no positive self esteem whatsoever, and never have. The idea of going into a gym for me is unthinkable; I just don't want to have anything to do with it. The amount of revulsion I've had women react to me with in the past, is a large part of the reason for that.

My issue with women now is not that I dislike them any more, but there is still a strong expectation present that they will dislike or immediately reject me, and that is particularly true in the case of women under 35 or so. I've seen how visibly intimidated young women will often appear to be of me in public, and I've learned to deliberately try and avoid them in order to prevent scaring them.

Platonic friendship is both welcome and appreciated, but in sexual terms, at this point I exclusively expect either individual rejection of me, or general frigidity/sexual aversion on the part of the woman in question, and have therefore completely given up. One of the main reasons why my ex-girlfriend and I split up, was because I was unable to psychologically reconcile her visible physical enjoyment of sex, with the amount of other reinforcement that I have received, of the idea that women usually dislike it.

The pickup artist subculture and exposure to feminism online, as well as more direct experience, has consistently given me the impression that women primarily use sex either in order to obtain emotional gratification, (which in most cases is what they really want) or political/psychological control of other people; but that most of them have very little real interest in the sexual act, purely for its' own tactile sake at all. There has been a very consistent impression received, that many women basically regard sex as an imposition and a nuisance more than anything else, and I feel as though that is also the reason why "rape culture" has been focused on so much, as well as why I've seen blog posts by feminists, explaining why vaginal penetration in literally any context, is supposedly always an act of rape. The degree of sexual aversion which I have witnessed among Japanese women in particular has been distressing, and has truthfully caused me to wonder how Japan as a nation has managed to survive.

So in general, I'm not interested in putting myself through a lot of expense, inconvenience, legal (due to potential false rape charges, which do occur) and physiological risk, (due to sexually transmitted disease) and psychological angst due to an expectation of almost certain rejection, only in order to try and coerce someone else into doing something which, from most of what I've seen, generally speaking they don't want to do anyway. I feel much more at peace with my conscience, to go without.

Sex quite simply does not pass a cost/benefit analysis, for me. It is something with far more potential for harm than good.

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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

But, Petrus, the point of this thread is whether you hate your own gender. It'd be a cool opportunity to debate your stance on, say, toxic masculinity and the like. I'm glad to see there's a bit of a rising line of progress concerning how you see us ladies, though.

I don't hate my own gender. It'd be kinda like hating a part of yourself in a sense, you know? What I do dislike is seeing people act like the most ridiculous twats in the universe, but that has very little to do with gender unless they are being toxic feminists or something of the sort. Hating people based on their gender isn't cool. I try not to hate very much at all these days, as it's an expense of energy that's by and large unnecessary.
She had studied the universe all her life, but had overlooked its clearest message:
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

No I don't hate my own gender. God choose my gender and I'm proud of it.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I hate my own gender. I believed when I was a child that I was a boy and I felt threaten when people would disagree with me. When I started puberty I really felt betrayed by that female body of mine and I really felt bad through it. I still feel like a man stuck in a woman's body. Even when I dream at night I'm often male. I believe in reincarnation so I think if I'm stuck in a female body it's probably to learn something. But in the meantime I hate it.
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Default Re: Do you hate your own gender?

I look at genders as complementaries to each other. I can't hate one gender or the other because I just don't see either in any exclusive way.

What I can and might hate are specific couplets of engendered relations, such as a male-male friendship or a male-female mateship, or an all-male enterprise or organization of some sort, or an all-female biased perspective etc.
Not saying that I would or do hate all such couplets or groupings of "gender-based" relationship/relating activity, but that it takes more than one gender or the other for me to start looking at it as something worth dispensing any love or hate about.

The bodies/biologies/physiologies of male or female are nothing to hate - that would be pretty weird, like hating form because of its geometry (or geometry because of its form). The question to me is what is the sexual basis (if any) of one's intent, as it is what one does (regardless of whether with or by means of a female or male body) that I would either find love or hate's worth with. Good luck with that one because I'm pretty sure it's arbitrary.
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